Chem Basis PPIs 3

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    What effect does the ether oxygen have on this molecule?
    Donates electrons through the pi system to ↑ nucleophilic character of the pyridine N (Lansoprazole)
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    What effect do the three fluorine atoms have on Lansoprazole?
    Exhibit electronic pull and give protection against metabolism
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    What effect does the methyl group have on this molecule?
    Pushes electrons toward the pyridine N through the sigma bonds (Lansoprazole)
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    How does the onset of action of Lansoprazole compare to Omeprazole and Rabeprazole?
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    What CYP enzymes metabolize this drug?
    2C19 and 3A4 (Lansoprazole)
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    What changes to this molecule does CYP2C19 cause?
    Hydroxylation of the benzimidazole C5 (Lansoprazole)
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    What clinical DDIs are associated with Lansoprazole?
    None, can competitively inhibit 2C19 and induce 1A’s, but no evidence of interactions
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