1. What is the number one beer brand in the US?
    Bud Light
  2. Do gorillas and chimpanzees have the same number of teeth as humans?
    Yes (32)
  3. What was the Pony Express route?
    St Joseph MO to Sacramento CA
  4. What is the highest bridge in the world?
    Millau Bridge linking Paris France with Barcelona Spain (343 meters high)
  5. In May of 1910, what event caused widespread panic that prompted everything from prayer meetings to suicide?
    Halley's Comet (The panic was created by fear the tail contained poison)
  6. The Pony Express was replaced by what?
  7. How longs do snails hibernate?
    Up to three years
  8. According to Playboy Magazine, what is the average speed of semen as it's ejaculated from the penis?
    28 miles per hour
  9. What was the "Volstead Act"
    The Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution banning the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol for consumption aka Prohibition
  10. First comic book featuring Superman recently sold for how much?
    One Million Dollars
  11. What is the longest running newspaper comic strip in history?
    Katzenjammer Kids (which debuted in 1897)
  12. How long was the Pony Express in service?
    18 months (1860-1861)
  13. When was the first working laser used?
    May 16, 1960
  14. How long did Prohibition last?
  15. Who controlled six congresses, dictated to two presidents of the United States, directed legislation in most of the States of the Union, picked the candidates for the more important elective state and federal offices, held the balance of power in both Republican and Democratic parties, distributed more patronage than any dozen other men, supervised a federal bureau from outside without official authority, and was recognized by friend and foe alike as the most masterful and powerful single individual in the United States and was the driving force behind Prohibition?
    Wayne B Wheeler
  16. What is the first known US Navy submarine?
    Alligator (1861-1862)
  17. The song "The Eyes of Texas" is set to what other tune?
    I've Been Working on the Railroad
  18. What is the most destructive earthquake in United States History?
    Washington's Mount St Helen's in 1980 which killed 57 people and leveled 230 square miles of forest
  19. What year did the Food and Drug Administration approve the sale of the first oral contraceptive?
    Enovid in 1960
  20. Who wrote "1984" and "Animal Farm"?
    George Orwell
  21. What region of the brain are memories stored?
  22. What was known as the "noble experiment"?
  23. Who is the most translated author of all time?
    Agatha Christie (Jules Verne is second)
  24. Members of a community of Arabic speaking desert nomads of the Middle East are known as what?
  25. How many neurons does the brain have?
    100 Billion
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