1. Define absolute threshold. Give an example
    the level of sensory stimulation necessary for sensation to occur 50 % of the  time 

    Ex: Vision candle light seen at 30 miles away on a clear night
  2. Define adaptation. Give an example
    our process of ignoring unimportant sensory information. It allows us to deal with environments containing large amounts of stimuli 

  3. Define sensation and when does it occur
    the detection of physical energy emitted or reflected by physical objects . 

    It occurs when energy in the external environment or the body stimulates receptors in the sense organs
  4. Define perception
    the process by which the brain organizes and interprets sensory information
  5. What sense is dominant
    vision because 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes
  6. What is the key to color
  7. Define the cornea
  8. Define the Iris
  9. Define lens
  10. define pupil
  11. define retina
  12. define optic nerve
  13. define blind spot
  14. define rod
  15. define cone
  16. How do psychological factors affect the size of the pupil ?
  17. What 3 colors make up color vision
  18. What is color blindness?
    Who is at risk and how often?
  19. Define taste receptors
  20. Name the 4 types of receptors
  21. What does out body need salt for
  22. what does our body need sugar for
  23. What does our body need sourness and bitterness detectors for
  24. What is perception
  25. What 2 things does perception include
  26. List the 5 perceptual constancies and define each
  27. Define depth perception
  28. What does the visual cliff experiment demonstate
  29. How do retinal disparity and visual texture help in depth perception ?
  30. Name the 3 perceptual clues used by Gestalt psychologists to organize information and make sense of things
  31. Define illusion
  32. define muller-lyer illusion
  33. define reversible figure
  34. Define afterimage
  35. Why do afterimage occur
  36. Define subliminal perception
  37. According to objective evidence, does subliminal perception work
  38. Why do people buy tapes with subliminal messages and believe they help
  39. Define audition
  40. define pitch
  41. define timbre
  42. define intensity
  43. define decibels
  44. define eardrum
  45. define cochlea
  46. define hair cells
  47. define auditory nerve
  48. Give an example of how sound has a strong psychological implication
  49. Define cutaneous receptors. Include the 3 types of receptors
  50. Define olfaction
  51. How does the association of an odor and event affect us ?
  52. What are olfactory bulbs
  53. How do animals use smell to communicate sexual interest?
  54. Explain do humans use smell to communicate sexual interest
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