Aviation Law

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  1. What is an airline tariff?
    An agreement between the airline and the passenger or shipper which includes the price of the ticket or service
  2. What type of insurance allows for no question or dispute over how much money an insurance company must pay out for a claim?
    Stated value insurance policy
  3. Special use insurance covers?
    High risk operations such as fish spotting or bungee jumping
  4. Subrogation means
    The right of an insurance company to sue the person other that the insured, who caused an accident and be reimbursed for amounts paid out to the insured.
  5. What is the term used to describe spreading the risk among insurance companies?
  6. What type of insurance may you purchase to cover virtually all damage to your aircraft (except possibly damage to your engine)
    Hull damage
  7. What is an obigation of a buisness to its employees?
    Withhold and pay payroll taxes
  8. Officers of a corp?
    Day to day managers of buisness
  9. What are shareholders in a corporation?
    The owners of a corporation
  10. What type of activity does the law impose a standard of strict liability upon?
    Ultrahazardous activity
  11. The fact that it happened is the proof of negligence?
    Res Ipsa Loquitur
  12. Sally tried to punch david in the nose, but missed, sally is guilty of?
  13. Taking an aircraft without permission and flying it of property is?
  14. What is proximate cause with regard to the four elements of negligence?
    An element or requirement of negligence that establishes a connection between an act or omission and a harm
  15. Can an NTSB administrative law judge do anything about the FAA revoking or denying a medical application?
    Yes the judge may set aside a revocation or suspension or order the FAA to issue a mdeical
  16. What is the burden of proof and who is it on when you appeal the suspension on revocation of your medical certificate by the FAA (not when your application is rejected)?
    A preponderance of evidence and the burden is on the FAA
  17. If an AME declines to issue you a medical certificate, what may you do?
    Ask that she issue you a denial and forward your application to the FAA Aeromedical certification branch for reconsideration
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