FILM ch 11 - eclectic & synthesizing approches

  1. Eclecticism is sometimes called the...
    tradition of sensibility because a high value is placed on the aesthetic discriminations of a person of taste and discernment
  2. Sometimes critics combine an ideological perspective; such as, feminism, with
    practical criticism, sociology, and history.
  3. Eclectic critics reject the notion that...
    a single theory can explain all movies and regard that idea as a cookie-cutter approach to criticism.
  4. Most eclectic critics insist that an individual's reaction to a film is...
    deeply personal.
  5. We can't help the way we...
    feel, however much of our feelings go against the popular sentiment.
  6. Eclectic critics usually begin with their...
    feelings about a movie, then work outward, trying to objectify these instincts with concrete arguements
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