SOCIO221 CH 15

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  1. Violence refers to...
    behavior that is intended to bring pain or physical injury to another person or to harm or destroy property
  2. Example of violence
    humans engage in a physical assault against another human
  3. Two types of violence
    • Collective Violence
    • Interpersonal Violence
  4. Collective Violence refers to...
    an organized violence by relatively large groups of people to promote or resist some social policies or practices
  5. Example of collective violence
    a mob of White people lynched a Black man and forced other Black people to leave Forsyth County in 1912
  6. Interpersonal Violence refers to...
    violence wherein a person in pursuing his or her own personal goals or is responding to the stresses of an immediate situation
  7. Example of interpersonal violence
    a gang member shot at a member of another gang and missed, but killed an innocent regnant woman who was in the area
  8. Civil Disorder refers to...
    strife or conflict that is threatening to the public order and that involves the government in some fashion, either as a party to the conflict or as a guardian of the public interest
  9. Examples of civil disorder
    • riots
    • labor conflicts
  10. Civil Disorder Abuse refers to...
    the continued use of a psychoactive substance at a level that violates approved social practices
  11. Example of civil disorder abuse
    the use of the substance meets social disapproval and has negative consequences for the user's health, harms the user's relationships with others, and is a threat to others
  12. Civil Disorder: Riots
    conflicts wherein people will attack other people or attack property, merchandise, or equipment
  13. Example of a riot
    the Watts Riot of 1965
  14. Civil Disorder: Labor Conflicts
    conflicts wherein employees become pitted against employers and their representatives
  15. Example of labor conflict
    the Ludlow Massacre of 1914
  16. Two types of riots
    • Communal Riots
    • Commodity Riots
  17. Communal riots refers to...
    conflicts wherein people will attack other people
  18. Example of communal riot
    the Detroit riot of 1943
  19. Commodity riot refers to...
    conflicts wherein people will attack property, merchandise, or equipment
  20. Example of commodity riot
    the Waycross Georgia riot of 1968
  21. Political Violence refers to...
    a situation wherein groups resort to violence as a means of changing the government or economy
  22. Examples of political violence
    it can take the form of an insurrection, war, or terrorism
  23. Three types of political violence
    • war
    • insurrection
    • terrorism
  24. Insurrection refers to...
    an organized action by some group to rebel against the existing government and to replace it with new political forms and leadership
  25. Examples of insurrection
    • the effort of the southern states to secede form the USA in 1861
    • the effort of John Brown to attack the arsenal at Harper's Ferry in 1859
  26. War refers to...
    an organized action wherein one group or country will attempt to annihilate another group or country with overwhelming fire power
  27. An example of war
    • the USA has been on of the most war-prone countries in the world
    • between 1798 and 1945 the president of the USA sent troops abroad for military purposes without the approval of Congress 163 times - an average of more than once per year
  28. Terrorism refers to...
    the attempt to achieve political goals by using fear and intimidation to disrupt the normal operations of a society
  29. Examples of terrorism
    • the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 by Al Qaeda
    • the attack on the Oaklahoma City federal building in 1995 by Timothy McVey which killed 167 people and wounded 442
  30. Frustration refers to...
    an inability to achieve sought after goals
  31. Examples of frustration
    • people get frustrated when they cannot get a job they feel they are qualified to get
    • people get frustrated when they perceive they are being oppressed or exploited
    • frustration are among the roots of political violence in the form of terrorism
  32. Relative Deprivation refers to...
    the fact that people tend to feel deprived or frustrated in comparison to what other have or what they believe they deserve
  33. Example of relative deprivation
    people can have a sense of deprivation when there is a discrepancy between what they have come to expect or feel they deserve and what they actually receive
  34. Massive Retaliation refers to...
    a situation wherein one group or country in a conflict is able to deal overwhelming damages to another group or country
  35. Example of massive retaliation
    a country can try to prevent a war by amassing weaponry to use as a threat to another country
  36. Mutually Assured Destruction refers to...
    a situation two groups or two countries in a conflict have that might to destroy the other
  37. Example of mutually assured destruction
    the USA and the USSR during the early 1960s had the might to destroy each other and that prevented a war
  38. Balance of Power refers to...
    a situation where two groups or two countries in a conflict avoid a nuclear holocaust because the military capability of one side roughly balances that of the other side
  39. Example of balance of power
    Pakistan and India have the might to destroy each other and that has prevented a nuclear war over the Kashmir territory
  40. Subculture of Violence refers to...
    the norms and values that condone and legitimize the use of violence in resolving conflicts
  41. Example of subculture of violence
    there is a tendency in the USA to resolve interpersonal conflicts with physical assaults which often involve weapons, including guns and knives
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