GRE combined vocabs.txt

  1. Indignant
    Feeling annoyed by something that is perceived as an unfair treatment
  2. Mollify
    • To calm or make it less severe 
    • Their arguments were so intense that it was difficult to believe any compromise would mollify them
  3. Ostentation
    • excessive showiness 
    • The ostentation of Kim jong un's palace is ridiculous, considering how majority of the North korean's are living off basically nothing
  4. Opprobrium
    • Public disgrace; Criticism  
    • After his scandal was made public, the governor was forced to resign in opprobrium
  5. Paragon
    • Model of excellence or perfection 
    • She is the paragon of judges should be: honest, intelligent, hardworking and fair
  6. Permeate
    • Penetrate 
    • This liquid permeates any fabrics and will eliminate any stains or odor.
  7. Perfunctory
    • Done in a routine way; indifferent
    • Most bank tellers just give this perfunctory smile but Laila is different; she always tries her best to make a nice smile for the customers
  8. Obsequious
    • Overly submissive, too eager to please someone; sycophantic 
    • The obsequious intern always made sure to compliment his supervisor's ties
  9. Vex
    • To annoy 
    • I know I shouldn't complain but I was vexed when the baby started crying during the climax of the movie
  10. Verbose
    • Wordy 
    • I realized some consultants provide verbose answers when they don't know the answer, rather then admitting they don't know
  11. Waver
    • To fluctuate between choices; vacillate 
    • If you waver too long then you might not end up getting either of them
  12. Torpor
    Extreme mental and physical sluggishness 

    After surgery, the patient felt torpor until the anesthesia wore off
  13. Vacillate
    sway physically; to be indecisive
  14. Quiescent
    • motionless 
    • Many animals are quiescent during the winter, minimizing activity in order to conserve energy
  15. to make thinner or sparser
    Air rarefies as you go up in altitude
  16. Repudiate
    • To reject the validity of 
    • The arguments between evolution and religion will never stop as there will be no true evidence to repudiate each other's claim
  17. Reticent
    Silent, reserved
  18. Rhetoric
    Effective writing or speaking
  19. Proliferate
    • Increase in number quickly 
    • Rats and mice can survive in very harsh conditions and they proliferate in population
  20. Prudence
    • Wisdom, caution
    • The student showed her prudence through achieving success in professional work along with studies.
  21. Stigma
    A mark of shame or discredit
  22. Stolid
    • Unemotional; lacking sensitivity 
    • The prisoner appeared stolid and unaffected by the judge's harsh sentence
  23. Sublime
    • Lofty or Grand 
    • The music was so sublime that it transformed the rude surroundings into just a peaceful crowd mesmerized by the tune
  24. Altruistic
    • sincere concern and care for the well-being of others
    • teachers
  25. Ardor
    • Intense and passionate feeling 
    • That CEO's ardor for making this company successful was evident from the way he worked
  26. Archaic
    • Old-fashioned 
    • Surprisingly enough, companies tend to have archaic equipment for their employees
  27. Banal
    • Predictable, boring 
    • He used banal phrases such as have a nice day
  28. Discern
    To perceive; to recognize 

    To me it is hard to discern the difference between high quality and mediocre wine.
  29. Fawn
    • To grovel; dogeza 
    • The understudy fawned over the director in hopes of being cast for the next main show
  30. Pecadillo
    Minor sin
  31. Inculcate
    To teach; to impress in the mind
  32. Contrite
    Deeply sorrowful and feeling guilty

    The guard felt very contrite when the resident was mugged when he wasn't watching
  33. Augury
    • A prophecy;prediction of an event
    • I hope the rainbow is an augury of something good happening
  34. Axiom
    Adage, aphorism, apothegm
  35. Meretricious
    Gaduy; tasteless showiness
  36. Eschew
    To shun; to avoid sth wrong or distasteful
  37. Estimable
  38. Ethos
  39. eulogy
    A speech to praise someone
  40. Euphony
    Pleasant, harmonious sound
  41. Expurgate
    To censor
  42. Ford
    move across a body of water
  43. Traverse
    Move across, through
  44. Forestall
    To prevent, anticipate
  45. Fortuitous
    Happening by chance; lucky
  46. Fractious
  47. Frenetic
    • Fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled manner.
    • Consultants often have frenetic schedule that leaves them very little time to socialize
  48. Deface
  49. Plastic
  50. Plebeian
    Commoner, lower class people; vulgar and coarse (yaban)
  51. Plethora
  52. Prescient
    Having foresight

    Investors must be able to make decisions that are prescient
  53. Cloying
    Sickly sweet, excessive
  54. Abscond
    Leave secretly
  55. Intractable
    Hard to manage, manipulate
  56. Posit
    To assume its true.

    Before explaining the math equation we had to posit that x and y were real numbers
  57. Amulet
    An ornament worn as a charm against evil spirit
  58. Solecism
    Grammatical mistake
  59. Sinecure
    Well paying job in the office that requires little work
  60. Orotund
    Showing off, thinks one is better than the other
  61. Exigent
    Urgent; require immediate action
  62. Sully
    To tarnish
  63. Dilettante
  64. Panache
    Flamboyant in style
  65. Polyglot
    Speaker of multiple language
  66. Fustain
    Bombastic, verbose, orotund
  67. Descry
    Catch sight of
  68. Mianthrope
    Person who hates humankind
  69. Wile
  70. Enervate
    Feel drained of energy; fatigue
  71. Vacuity
    Lack of thought or intelligence
  72. Coerce
    Force or threaten someone to do sth
  73. Cupidity
    Greed, string desire
  74. Exubillent
    Exhilarated; full of enthusiasm
  75. Effrontery
    Boldness, audacity
  76. Analgesia
    Loss of pain
  77. Fecund
    • Fertile, productive
    • The fecund couple had 20 children
  78. Flag
    • Decline im strength or interest
    • Flag concentration towards the end of the GRE
  79. Bifurcate
    Split up into two parts
  80. Grievous
    Causing grief and sorrow
  81. Desultory
    Jumping from one thing to the other. Disconnected.
  82. Insurrection
  83. Insipid
    Lacking characteristic or flavor
  84. Inquest
    investigation, an inquiry
  85. Accretion
    Gradual growth
  86. Abyss
    A deep hole
  87. Jettison
    Discard; to get rid of as unnecessary
  88. Levity
    An inappropriate lack of seriousness; an overly casual atmosphere
  89. Jingoism
    Belligerent loyalty towards ones nation

    Chauvinism, nationalism
  90. Jocular
    Playful, humorous
  91. Judicious
  92. Lethargic
    Sluggish, slow (acting in that way)
  93. Missive
    A note a letter
  94. Interregnum
    A period between reigns
  95. Liberal
    Tolerant or open minded
  96. Abstemious
    Moderate in appetite

    Because Nicole is on diet she only had an abstemious meal at the restaurant
  97. Acidulous
    Sour in taste or manner
  98. Seraphic
    • Angelic;sweet
    • Babies always have seraphic appearance
  99. Plucky
  100. Polemic
    Controversy; Argument
  101. Redress
    • Relief from wrong or injury
    • Seeking redress from the injury she had sued the truck driver that had hit her
  102. Rejoinder
  103. Repast
  104. Replete
    Abundantly supplied
  105. Repose
    Stress relief, relax
  106. Requite
    Return a favor, repay someone
  107. Pervade
    To spread out, permeate

    You see influence from the Beatles across all music genre--their style was so pervasive.
  108. flatter
  109. Indolent
    • Habitually lazy, acting in sluggish manner. Her indolent manners got her fired from numerous jobs
    • Lethargy
  110. Inexorable
    Inflexible, hard to sway

    No matter what we do the inexorable force of the earthquake will always be a problem for Japan in one way or the other.

  111. Ingenuous
    Innocent, childlike naivety

    Guilessness, innocent
  112. Ingenious
    Clever, outside of the box thinking.
  113. Surly
    Rude and bad tempered
  114. Sybarite
    • A person devoted to luxury and comfort
    • A conformed sybarite, the nobleman fainted at the idea of giving up his palace and luxurious lifestyle
  115. Wily
    • Clever, deceptive
    • Yet again, the wily coyotes managed to elude the ranchers who wanted to capture him
  116. Winsome
    Charming, happily engaging

    Attractive people are lucky as they can give this winsome smile that gets them advantages all the time
  117. Peripatetic
    Wandering from place to place on foot
  118. Yoke
    Join together
  119. Restive
    Impatient, restless

    The passengers became restive after having to wait in line for few hours
  120. Ribald
    Humorous in a rather vulgar/ rude way
  121. Leery
  122. Legerdemain
  123. Martinet
    One who follows rules very strictly
  124. Chicanery

    Salesman of old cars often used chicanery to sell their beaten up cars
  125. Circumspection

    She was very circumspect when she was first introduced to her fiance's parents
  126. Cogent
    Convincing and well reasoned
  127. Collusion
    Collaboration; conspiracy
  128. Connoisseur
    One with expert knowledge, discriminating towards other tastes

    Dr wang, a connoisseur of fine wine and cheese, he only drunk and ate the best
  129. Machination
    Feared of his enemies' macgination to remove him from the leadership, the king had them executed
  130. Maelstrom
    Large and strong whirlpool(oouzu), turmoil

    Much of Tokyo city's infrastructure had collapsed during the maelstrom of world war 2
  131. Malediction
    Curse; a wish of evil upon another.

    The frog Prince looked for a princess that could end the witch's malediction
  132. Listless
    Lacking energy and enthusiasm

    Listless and depressed from losing his job bon became an alcoholic
  133. Philistine
    Someone guided by materialism and disregard the value of art
  134. Phalanx
    Group of people I.e. guards
  135. Pithy
    Profound, substantial but short and concise
  136. Phlegmatic
    Calm and unaffected under pressure.

    The phlegmatic expert remained calm anf proceeded in disassembling the bomb when he only had 20s.
  137. Itinerant
    Unsettled, moving from one place to the other.
  138. Vestige
    • Remain, trace.
    • Vestiges of previous tenants still remained in the apartment
  139. Unconscionable
    Lack of justice.

    After working so hard for years, to me my manager's decision to promote that young analyst instead of me is unconscionable
  140. Atrocious
    Savage, brutal
  141. Lucid
    Think clear, especially in an unexpected condition (illness, sickness)
  142. Precipitate
    • to cause sth, suddenly or sooner than expected: 
    • resignation of the prime minister precipitated a war
  143. Enigma
    • (noun) A person or a situation that is mysterious: 
    • After teaching him for 5 years, he still remains an enigma to me
  144. Placate
    to make sb less angry
  145. Assuage
    Make an unpleasant feeling less severe
  146. Erudite
    Shows great knowledge that is gained through studies
  147. Opaque
    • Object: Hard to see through 
    • Speech: Hard to understand
  148. Prodigal
    too wasteful and extravagant, wasteful of time and money for pleasure

    - Ryo Hidaka
  149. Fervid
    • Sensitive, shows emotion too much
    • - Alex
  150. Zeal
    (noun) Fuel of energy, passion, enthusiasm
  151. zealot
    (often disapproving) someone that is extremely passionate about sth - often politics or religion
  152. Concession
    • (noun) Give up, compromise 
    • To win concession from someone
    • The firm will be forced to make concessions
  153. Castigate
    Punish / Criticize severely
  154. Candid
    • Impartial and honest 
    • Observation of kids can often be very charming because they are so inexperienced and candid
  155. Capricious
    changes one's mind very often
  156. Decorum
    • Appropriateness of manners 
    • upper class people tend to believe that the farmers lack in decorum to visit their household
  157. Propriety
    Moral and social behavior that is believe to be correct
  158. Deference
    • respect, courtesy 
    • treat with utmost deference
  159. Florid
    Excessively decorated / embellished / intricate and complicated 

    Florid face - red face
  160. Eclectic
    • made up from various sources 
    • United States had truly an eclectic mix of cultures and people.
  161. Dupe
    • To deceive a person 
    • i don't know how he was able to dupe thousands of people for decades
  162. Exculpate
    To clear from blame; prove innocent
  163. Garrulous
    • tending to talk a lot 
    • - pera / pera - me when I try to impress someone
  164. Perfidious
    Willing to betray one's trust 

    I feel like celebrities often times only have perfidious friends - and they are looking for "real friends" - Kamenashi
  165. laud
    To give praise
  166. Inchoate
    • not fully formed 
    • The inchoate ideas I used to have in HS is finally starting to show effects in my life
  167. Obdurate
    Hardened in feelings, resistant to persuasion 

    Japan needs a political leader like Koizumi again who can be obdurate regarding his view / vision
  168. Tirade
    • Long & harsh verbal attack 
    • Sometimes I was shocked by Coach K's tirade over such minor mistakes
  169. Venerate
    To respect deeply 

    In Confucian society, the young venerate elders, deferring to their wisdom
  170. Whimsical
    • Acting in a capricious manner; unpredictable 
    • Could be amusing or annoying
  171. Abstain
    • to retain oneself from doing sth, enjoying sth 
    • formally decline to vote
  172. Homogeneous
    • Ubiquitous 
    • alike
  173. Mitigate
    To avoid
  174. Laconic
    using very few words (not necessarily a positive word)
  175. Audacious
    Willing to take risk
  176. Desiccate
    lack of passion / dull / lifeless
  177. Propriety
    Moral and social behavior that is believed to be correct
  178. Laudable
    Worthy of praise, even if not successful
  179. Pedant
    Cares about small details
  180. Adulterate
    Make sth less pure by adding other substances
  181. Engender
    • To make a situation or a feeling exist 
    • --> The issue engendered controversy
  182. Amalgamate
    • Combine together 
    • BoA and Merrill Lynch amalgamated to form BoA Merrill Lynch
  183. Caustic
    biting in wit
  184. Catalyst
    • Sth that brings about / triggers a change 
    • Coming in last place at the annual marathon, that experience served as a catalyst to the tremendous changes I have gone through.
  185. Satiate
    Satisfied fully, overindulge
  186. Specious
    • deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible but plausible 
    • Hard GRE questions always provide specious answer options to trick test takers
  187. Prevaricate
    To lie or deviate from the truth
  188. Inimical
    • hostile, unfriendly 
    • Even though they grew up together, at school they are inimical to each other
  189. Innocuous

    Snakes being dangerous is a specious statement, they are usually innocuous and pose no danger to us
  190. Erratic
    • wandering, unpredictable 
    • The play seemed predictable until the plot took erratic turns and surprised the audience
  191. Efficacy
    • Effectiveness 
    • Efficacy of money driving people to do things is purely enticing
  192. Dogmatic
    Dictatorial in one's opinion
  193. Dogma
    Firmly held opinion, especially religious belief
  194. Diffident
    • lacking self-confidence 
    • his diffident manner during the interview stemmed from his nervous-wreck personality
  195. Condone
    • to overlook 
    • some theorists believe that failing to prosecute minor crimes is condoning the air of lawlessness
  196. Convoluted
    Intricate and complicated
  197. Corroborate
    To provide supporting evidence
  198. Credulous
    too trusting, gullible
  199. Deride
  200. Bolster
    to support, prop up
  201. Chauvinist
    • Someone prejudice in favor of a group that he or she belongs to 
    • The attitude that male is superior to female is a common belief among the male chauvinists
  202. Analogous
    • Similar or alike in some way 
    • In someway the skills in involved in running a family can be analogous to what it takes to run a company or even a country
  203. Antupathy
    Extreme dislike
  204. Abstain
    To choose not to
  205. Abate
    • To reduce in amount, degree, severity 
    • after the hurricane's force abated, the sea became much calmer
  206. Ameliorate
    • To make better, to improve
    • I need to ameliorate my relationship with Amelia
  207. Adulterate
    To make Impure
  208. Cacophony
    • Harsh, undesirable sound 
    • Making cacophony sound while tuning instruments
  209. Aggrandize
    • Increase in power, influence and reputation 
    • The professor tried to aggrandize himself by attempting to steal his students' idea
  210. Crescendo
    • steadily increasing force 
    • The crescendo of tension became unbearable as I watched my friend skydive
  211. Enumerate
    • To count, list, itemize 
    • Moses coming back from the mountain
  212. Dilettante
    amateurish, superficial knowledge
  213. Dirge
    A funeral hymn, or mournful speech
  214. Disparate
    • Fundamentally different 
    • Although the twins look alike physically, their personalities are disparate
  215. Dissonance
    • A hard and disagreeable combination 
    • Cognitive dissonance: Inner conflict produced when a long-believed idea is disproved with a new evidence -> i.e. Darwin
  216. Engender
    To bring about, cause
  217. Emulate
    To copy, mimic
  218. Enigma
    A puzzle, mystery
  219. Enervate
    • To reduce in strengths 
    • The guerrillas hoped that s series of surprise attack would enervate the regular army
  220. Estimable
    • Admirable 
    • Believe Mother Theresa's actions were estimable
  221. Esoteric
    known or understood by only few people 

    Only a handful of experts are knowledgeable of the esoteric world of particle physics
  222. Ephemeral
    Lasting short period of time
  223. Gregarious
    Outgoing, social 

  224. Guile
    Deceit or trickery
  225. Iconoclast
    • One who opposes established beliefs, customs and institutions 
    • his lack of regard for traditional beliefs soon established him as an iconoclast
  226. Impervious
    • Impossible to penetrate, incapable of being affected 
    • A good raincoat will be impervious to rain / moisture
  227. Inundate
    • To overwhelm, to cover with water 
    • The Atlantis was believed to be inundated by by huge tidal waves
  228. Soporific
    • Sleep inducing 
    • The movie proved to be so soporific that soon loud snores were heard throughout the cinema
  229. Lethargy
    Lack of enthusiasm and energy 

    The clerk was so lethargic, there was always a huge line at his cashier
  230. Malinger
    • to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill 
    • The common way to avoid draft was Malinger
  231. Malleable
    Capable of being shaped 

    Gold is the most malleable out of the precious metals
  232. Irascible
    Easily made angry his irascible and violent nature made everyone avoid working with him in any form
  233. Patent
    • (OTHER Meaning) 
    • Sth bad is very clear / obvious
  234. Arcane
    Mysterious ritual
  235. Construe
    Understand, Interpret, Perceive
  236. Cunning
    Skilled, complex thinking
  237. Coalesce
    To come together to form one larger group; amalgamate
  238. Espouse
    Give your support to a belief
  239. Callous
    • Not caring about other people's feelings
    • A callous CEO
  240. Implacable
    Hard to please
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