Hydrography - Oceangraphy & Marine Sciences

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  1. Significance of Oceans?
    • -70% of earth is covered in water.
    • -Phytoplankton are major source of oxygen.
    • -Important part of the climate system.
  2. What is a Hypsographic?
    Graph used to visualized land and ocean relationships.
  3. What are the variables of a pressure wave?
    • -Temperature
    • -Salinity
    • -Pressure
  4. Define salinity?
    Total quantity of dissolved salts in sea water.
  5. What is the speed of sound in water?
    1,500 m/s
  6. Main Influences of Ocean Currents?
    • -Solar HeatingĀ 
    • -Wind
    • -Coriolis
    • -Temperature & Salinity Differentials
    • -Gravity
  7. What is Seismic (Reflection or Refraction)?
    Used to determine the type, thickness and arrangements of sediments and rocks.
  8. What are Grabs & Dredges?
    Samples of exposed sea floor
  9. What are Corers?
    Samples of the top layer of seafloor (2-3m)
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