final exam review

  1. prime movers
    • a muscle that provides the major force for producing a specific movement 
    • ex biceps brachii of the elbow flexion
  2. antagonists
    • muscles that oppose or reverse a particular movement 
    • also helps regulate prime movers by contracting helping prevent overshoot or to slow or stop the movement
  3. ex of an antagonist being a prime mover
    forearm flexion by the bicep brachii is antagonized by the bicep brachii, prime mover for extending the forearm
  4. synergist help prime movers by
    • -adding a little extra force to the same movement 
    • -reducing undesirable or unnecessary movements that might occur as the prime mover contracts
  5. fixators
    • -when a synergist immobilize a bone, or a muscle's origin, they are more specifically called fixators 
    • -help maintain upright posture
  6. location of the muscle
    • indicate the bone or body region with which the muscle is associated 
    • ex temporalis, intercostals
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