Sales Pitches

  1. Norm of Reciprocity
    More willing to comply after a favor/concession
  2. Door in the face
    Extreme request followed by little request.
  3. That's not all folks!
    Better deal, more options
  4. Social Validation
    Other people like it and so should you!
  5. List Technique
    Bandwagon (like the list technique)
  6. Bait and Switch
    Advertise one thing, make it unavailable, they'll buy another.
  7. Low Ball (the common enemy)
    Obtain a commitment and change the deal. (my manager says..)
  8. Friendship and Attractiveness
    More willing to comply to those like us.
  9. Tupperware
    Advertise as a friend, not a merchant.
  10. Scarcity Rule
    Seem more valuable when they're less available.
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Sales Pitches
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