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  1. when do primary and secondary TB occur
    • primary- children and first time
    • secondary- adults and reinfection and reactivation
  2. what is potts diseases
    midthoracic infection with anterior erosion of vertical bodies
  3. what are the two test used for detection of TB
    • TST-PPD
    • IGRAs (gold, gold in tube, T.spot)
  4. when are IGRAs testing preferred
    • pts who have a poor return rate
    • pts who recieved BCG vaccince
  5. when is TST the preferred method for testing
    children under the age of 5
  6. what is another name for the fluorochrome stain
    Auramine Rhodamine Stain
  7. which stain is used to comfirm cultures
    acid fast stain
  8. recommendation for INH in pregnant women
    • increase risk for hepatitis
    • do not give until 6 months post partum
  9. how long should pts with fibrotic nodular lesions or evidence of silicosis, without evidence of active TB, recieve prophylactic tx
    12 mths with INH or 4 mths with rifampin + INH
  10. how long should HIV infected individuals with positive PPDs be treated
    min 6 months
  11. adverse rx to INH
    • hepatotox
    • peripheral neuropathy
  12. MOA of INH
    inhibits cell wall synthesis
  13. how does antacid affect the absorption of INH
    decreases absorption
  14. MOA of rifampin
    inhibits RNA polymerase
  15. which TB drug causes fluid discoloration
  16. AE of rifampin
    • hepatitis
    • thrombocytopenia
    • flu like sx
  17. MOA of EMB
    inhibit mycolic incorporation into mycobacterium cell walls
  18. ethambutol is CI in which group
  19. MOA of streptomycin
    binds 30s ribosomal subunit inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis
  20. a positive skin test can be seen in which type of leprosy
    tuberculoid leprosy
  21. types of diagnosis of leprosy
    • lepromin skin test
    • skin lesion biopsy
    • skin scraping exam
  22. tx for leprosy
    • rifampicin
    • dapsone
    • clofazimine
  23. duration of tx for leprosy
    over 12 months
  24. tx for MAC
    • prolonged tx with biaxin or zithromax¬†
    • plus EMB and rifabutin
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