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  1. If your health literate, you are able to ____
    Obtain and use health information
  2. You are demonstrating ____ when you feel as if you are in control of your circumstances
    self efficacy
  3. The ability to bounce back from an adverse event
  4. The stress response is a series of ____that occur in the face of a threat
    physicological changes
  5. Sally is cool and less easlily frusrtated
    type b
  6. postive things we must adapt to, or good stress
  7. standing up for yourself without violating others
  8. the use of _____ allows you to be clear without blaming or accusing
    I statement
  9. debroah tanning says what about men and communication
    communication is to fix the problem
  10. most young adults have a circadian rythem that tells them to fall asleep ___ in the evening and wake up ____ in the morning
    later, later
  11. The human brain cycles between what 2 stages of sleep?
    Rem and NRem
  12. Scients belive that good ideas are thought up during which stage of sleep?
    rapid eye movement
  13. T/F Sleep helps prevent certain types of cancer
  14. T/F Good nutrition are more important to a healthy lifestyle than sleep
  15. T/F sleep disorders are related to anxity, depresssion, and heart conditions
  16. Which is not a maconutrient?
  17. The main purpose of protien is what?
    Build and maintain body tissues
  18. The fatty acids now considered worst for health are ____
    trans fats
  19. Fats that have been artifically hardened by hydrenation to remain solid at room temperature
    trans fats
  20. Intake ranges that provide adequate nutrition and reduced risk of heart disease
  21. The abiltity to preform daily activites with vigor
    health related fitness
  22. What are the 4 componets of cardiorespitory training?
  23. What are the 4 popular streches?
    Ballistic, static, passive, and PNF
  24. What type of streching is reccomened for most types of excercize?
  25. When does the most significant drop typically occur in physical activity in peoples lives?
    1st year of college last year of high school
  26. The inbetween point where you are stressing your cardiovascular system for optimal benifit but not overloading it
    target heart rate zone
  27. what is the target heart rate zone formula?
    220-age x intensity percent as a decimal
  28. Obesity is defined as having a BMI of __ or higher
  29. Overweight BMI is between __ and __
    25- 29
  30. Obsese poeple are how many times more likely to die before they reach their expected life age?
    4 times
  31. why is abdominal fat dangerous?
    It can more eaily enter the blood stream
  32. The greatest influcene on the growth of weight problems in the united states is what?
    The conviene of unhealthy food
  33. A person who is trying to loose weigh should target how many pounds a week?
    1-2 pounds
  34. A person who percieves themselves as small even though they are big
    muscle dysmorphia
  35. Individuals with eating disorders share many of the same though patterns as people with what condition?
  36. One of most serious long term effects of sever caliore restriction is what?
  37. How much is one drink?
    .5 ounces
  38. What is the most important part about treating eating disorders?
  39. Binge drinking on college campuses is most strongly influenced by what?
    Social enviorment
  40. Smoking is estimated to play a role in ____% of cancer deaths?
  41. A term used to define a drug that changes your state of mind
    physcoactive drug
  42. High heart rate during sexual arousal is caused by what?
  43. Disturabances in sex drive or satisfation
    sexual dysfunction
  44. the leading cause of death in the US is what?
  45. The optimal range for BP is what?
  46. Type 2 diabeites accounts for what percent of people with diabties
    90 %
  47. Fatty deposits on the walls of arteries
  48. gg
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