AP Lit. Unit 1

  1. Approbation
    an act of approving formally or officially; commendation, praise
  2. Assuage
    to make more bearable or less severe
  3. Coalition
    a group of people acting together within a larger group
  4. Decadance
    Rich in taste or language
  5. Elicit
    to draw out, evoke
  6. Expostulate
    to present an opposing opinion or argument; remonstrate
  7. Hackneyed
  8. Hiatus
    a period of absence, a break or pause.
  9. Innuendo
    insinuation; a slyly or subtly derogatory remark
  10. Intercede
    to act as a go-between for opposing sides; mediate
  11. Jaded
    wearied; one's patience, interest, or pleasure exhausted
  12. Lurid
    gross or disgusting details
  13. Meritorious
    Deserving of high regard or esteem; commendable
  14. Petulant
    easily irritated or annoyed
  15. Prerogative
    a special right or privilege
  16. Provincial
    Narrow in mindset or views
  17. Simulate
    artificially recreate/create something
  18. Transcend
    to overcome, exceed, or excel
  19. Umbrage
    offense, resentment
  20. Unctuous
    artificial, two-faced; not being or expressing what one appears to be or express
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