Encoding (Module 25)

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  1. Automatic Processing
    Unconscious Encoding of incidental information
  2. Effortful Processing
    Requires attention and conscious effort.
  3. rehearsal
    conscious repetition
  4. spacing effect
    tendency for distributed study or practice to yield better results.
  5. serial position effect
    remembering the first and last items better than the middle.
  6. visual encoding
    picture images
  7. acoustic encoding
    encoding of sounds (words in specific)
  8. semantic encoding
    encoding of meaning (like definitions of words)
  9. imagery
    mental pictures-powerful aid to effortful learning.
  10. self-reference effect
    our ability to better remember adjectives about ourselves than of others.
  11. mnemonic
    memory aids
  12. chunking
    organizing items into familiar memorable pieces.
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