Chemistry Revision Questions C1a Topic 6

  1. What is the chemical difference between natural vanillin and artificial vanillin?

    D) There is no chemical difference.

    There may be a slight difference is appearance or taste, but chemically, a natural product and an artificial product are totally identical.
  2. Which of the following statements about the pH scale is correct?

    A) Acids are red, alkalis are purple and neutral is green.

    It slides from a dark red though orange, and yellow for acids (numbers 1-6), then green is 7 for neutral and then it goes from blue up to purple for alkalis (8-14)
  3. Which of the following two statements are correct?
    :- Metal oxides and metal hydroxides are generally alkalis.
    :- This means they'll react with acids to form a salt and water.

    C) Both of them.

    • Acid + Metal oxide --> Salt + Water
    • Acid + Metal Hydroxide --> Salt + Water
  4. What type of reaction is this?

    D) Neutralisation

    If an acid + an alkali produces a salt, it is a neutralisation reaction.
  5. Define 'corrosive'.

    B) Attacks and destroys living tissue

    • Catches fire easily - oxidising
    • Can cause death - toxic
    • Can cause blistering of the skin - irritant
  6. Calcium carbonate --> Calcium oxide + blank
    What is the blank in this thermal decomposition reaction.

    C) Carbon dioxide

    A carbonate will always produce carbon dioxide in a thermal decomposition reaction.
  7. How is magnesium extracted from its ore?

    D) By electrolysis

    Magnesium is very reactive, so must be extracted by using electrolysis.
  8. 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO
    What type of reaction is this?

    B) Oxidation

    When oxygen is added to a metal to create a metal oxide.
  9. How do you test for chlorine gas?

    A) It will bleach litmus paper, turning it white.

    A glowing splint is used for oxygen, a lighted splint is used for hydrogen and ammonia will turn red litmus paper blue.
  10. Which method of gas collection would you use for chlorine?

    D) Downward delivery

    Chlorine is heavier than air.
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