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  1. Who said "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it"
    One of Mr. Green's instructors.
  2. §Deliverables
    §Work performance data
    §Change requests
    §Project management plan updates
    §Project document updates
    Direct and Manage Project Work Outputs
  3. adjusts the performance of the project work with the project management plan
    Corrective action
  4. ensures future performance of the project work with the project management plan
    Preventive action
  5. modifies a non-conformance within the project
    Defect repair
  6. a modification to a project document or plan
  7. Comply with any organizational policies and procedures
    Evaluate and select the work authorization system
    In line with good project management practice, use the artifacts necessary to get the job done
    If necessary, work with a systems analyst to create a PMIS that is workable for your project
    Once the system is in place, determine who will be responsible for its day-to-day operation
    Evaluate the effectiveness of the PMIS for your project
    Guidelines to Effectively Direct and Manage Project Work
  8. Deliverables
    Work performance data
    Change requests
    Project management plan updates
    Project document updates
    Direct and Manage Project Work Outputs
  9. What is difference between QC & QA
    QC: Quality Control

    QA: Quality Assurance
  10. Quality management plan
    Process improvement plan
    Quality metrics
    Quality control measurements (an output of 8.3)
    Project documents
    Perform Quality Assurance Inputs
  11. A description of a project or product attribute and how to measure it.
    Quality Metrics
  12. The documented results of control quality activities.
    Quality Control Measurements
  13. Who conducts a quality audit
    a trained individual from within the performing organization or a qualifiied representative of a third party organization
  14. When can a quality audit be done
    can be conducted at scheduled or random intervals.
  15. Quality management policy
    Collection and use of information
    Analytical methods
    Cost of quality
    Quality process design
    Quality Audit Topics
  16. Who makes the ground rules?
    The Team
  17. Project document originating from Manage Stakeholder Engagement process
    Issues log
  18. Every issue should have what elements
    owner - someone responsible for addressing issue

  19. §Human resource management plan
    §Project staff assignments
    §Team performance assessments
    §Issue log
    §Work performance reports
    §Organizational process assets
    Manage Project Team Inputs
  20. §Observation and conversation  
    §Project performance appraisals
    §Conflict management
    §Interpersonal skills
    Manage Project Team Tools and Techniques
  21. §Competition
    §Differences in objectives, values, and perceptions
    §Disagreements about role requirements, work activities, and individual approaches
    §Communication breakdowns
    Causes of Conflict
  22. Conflict is a natural event

    a. True
    b. False
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