FA 200 final exam

  1. This term puts the “pop” in Pop Art.
    popular culture
  2. Dali’s country of origin.
  3. this artist painted woman and bicycle
    willem de kooning
  4. photorealism
    consists of works that appear to be photographs
  5. Warhol's studio
    the factor
  6. dali turned to this type of subject matter toward the end of his career
  7. artist used a drip and splash technique
  8. your body is a battleground
  9. A militant feminist, who claimed to be the only member of the group SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men),shot this artist outside his studio.
  10. Surrealism was inspired by the writings of Carl Jung and this other psychoanalyst
  11. Image Upload 1
    style of art
  12. Mass-consumerism was the inspiration behind this art movement
    pop art
  13. This artist kicked off the Pop Art movement with his piece Just What Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?
    Richard Hamilton
  14. Term and method used by Surrealists to draw and create “without a filter”
  15. This term means “nothing”…but protests everything.
  16. This artist creates Photorealistic sculptures of the “forgotten” members of society.
    Duane Hanson
  17. Parlor game played by Surrealist that resulted in a collective or group artwork
    Exquisite Corpse
  18. Dali was part of what movement
  19. This ready-made anti-art artwork was considered a “slap in the face” to the art community
    Fountain by Duchamp
  20. School of thought that celebrated human achievement
  21. This former graphic designer uses mass media images with text overlaid on the images.
    Barbara Kruger
  22. Italian for light and dark
  23. The influx of African-American citizens moving from the South into larger urban areas in the North.
    great migration
  24. Beauty and Harmony
    Embracing Science
    Classical Ideals
  25. This non-representational artist claimed he could “see” music.
  26. this work depicts a reverse halo around the head of christ
    supper at Emmaus
  27. Self-taught photographer who documented life during the Harlem Renaissance
    James Van Der Zee
  28. This term denotes a feeling of “strength” in Michelangelo’s David.
  29. This artist submitted a urinal with the name “R. Mutt”
  30. The 4 characteristics of Baroque Art
    • space
    • interior life (drama)
    • social class
    • light
  31. This artist primarily painted portraits of women of mixed race, in an effort to counteract negative stereotyped media images of black women
    Archibald Motley
  32. This movement was the Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation
    counter reformation
  33. This type of music element, often present in jazz and negro spirituals, originated in slave work fields as a form of communication and distraction
    call and response
  34. ignudi
    nude youth. linked the panels of the Sistine chapel together. celebrated perfect human form
  35. who painted Las Meninas (the picture with the little girl in the room with all the paintings)
    Diego Valazquez
  36. This poet and writer captured the essence of the Harlem Renaissance movement with works such as Harlem and I, Too, Sing America.
    Langston Hughes
  37. linear perspective
    how a 2d space has depth
  38. sfumato
    smoke; putting layers of glaze. used in Leo's Mona Lisa
  39. ira
  40. contraposto
    s shaped curve
  41. triptych
    3 paneled altar piece
  42. the Salon
    a government sponsored art exhibit in like 1800s. if you made it here you've made it
  43. salon de refuses
    the people kicked out of the salon made their own salon which became more popular than the original
  44. impressionist movement
    artists reject and rebel against idea of keeping painting inside
  45. avant garde
    advanced ground. exploring unknown territory before others.
  46. aestheticism
    art for art's sake. does not have to be justified
  47. romanticism
    romanticized better than reality. depicting war as heroic, liberating, loyal.
  48. post impressionist
    after impressionism. still has short choppy brush strokes and deviated from conventional rules of painting but painted darker things
  49. cubism
    • objects are depicted as assemblages of geometric shapes
    • violates all concepts of space
  50. surrealism
    depicted dreams and visions of irrational subconcious
  51. expressionism
    expresses the subjective and subconscious thoughts of the artist and seeks to evoke emotions from the viewer
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