1. abortion
    the termination of pregnancy before the stage of viabilty
  2. amenorrhea
    absence or suppression of masturbation
  3. amniotic fluid
    the liquid or aluminous fluid contained in the amniotic sac
  4. antepartal
    refers to pregnancy before the onset of labor
  5. areola
    a circular are of pigmentation around the nipple
  6. chloasma
    tan or brown pigmentation on the face "mask of pregnancy"
  7. ballottement
    a palpatory technique used in detecting or examining a floating object in the body such as an organ or fetus
  8. colostrum
    secretion from the best before the onset of true lactation
  9. couvade syndrome
    somatic symptoms experienced by the father during pregnancy simulating those of the mother
  10. decidua
    the endometrium  off the uterus during pregnancy
  11. EDD
    expected date of delivery
  12. fetal
    the child in utero from the third month to birth.
  13. fundus
    the portion of an organ removed from it's opening.
  14. gravida
    a pregnant women
  15. lactation
    the process of synthesis and secretion of milk from the breast
  16. lightening
    descent of the fetal presenting part into the pelvis preparatory to delivery.
  17. linea nigra
    black line or discoloration o the abdomen from umbilicus to symphysis pubis in the pregnant women during last part of pregnancy
  18. lunar month
    four week 28 days
  19. menarche
    initiation of the menstrual cycle
  20. mucous plug
    the ass of mucous which occludes the cervix of the uterus during pregnancy and is discharged at the beginning of labor
  21. naegle's rule
    method of calculating the estimated date of delivery
  22. para
    indicates the number of pregnancies carried to point of viability
  23. pica
    a craving to eat substances that are not food as dirt, clay starch
  24. quickening
    first movements of the fetus felt in utero
  25. sexuality
    degree to which a person exhibits and experiences maleness and femaleness physically emotionally and mentally
  26. trimester
    one of the three periods into which pregnancy is divided
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