59. Fixed phrases with two key words

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  1. not of great quality, but enjoyable and good value
    cheap and cheerful
  2. Small marks and damage that appear over time as a result of normal use
    Wear and tear
  3. A person or company's main source of income
    Bread and butter
  4. In an honest way and without any doubt
    Fair and square
  5. A feeling that a situation is very bad and without hope
    Doom and gloom
  6. Used to say where sb was born and grew up
    be born and bred...
  7. Spend money only on what is absolutely necessary
    Scrimp and save
  8. Very careful about your appearance and behaviour, and easily shocked by what other people do or say
    Prim and proper
  9. Be an aspect of sg that has to be accepted
    Be part and parcel ( of sg)
  10. A person or thing that gives sb great pleasure or satisfaction
    Sb's pride and joy
  11. Unpredictable; sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing
    Hit and miss
  12. Small individual things of no great value
    • Bits and pieces/bobs
    • Odds and ends
  13. A way of controlling people by encouraging them to fight and argue among themselves
    Divide and rule
  14. Quickly or by a large amount (usually used when talking about sb's progress)
    In/by leaps and bounds
  15. Not long or complicated
    Short and sweet
  16. Having considered everything
    • All in all
    • all things considered
  17. Used to say that sb has all the qualities of a particular type of person
    Through and through
  18. Gradually
    moving slowly from one stage to the next
    in small slow stages as each day passes
    competing directly
    • Little by little
    • step by step
    • day by day
    • Head to head
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