56. Idiomatic noun phrases

  1. a lot of anger or worry about sg that is not important
    • a storm in a teacup
    • a fuss about nothing
  2. A lot of anger or worry about sg that is not important
    • A strom in a teacup
    • a fuss about nothing
  3. A strong written attack on sb or their work
    A hatchet job (on sb/sg)
  4. A situation in which sb has two different jobs or roles, and this may affect their ability to choose or act fairly in either
    A conflict of interest
  5. They are suspected of committing a crime or being responsible for sg bad
    The finger of suspicion
  6. Sg that has no chance of succeeding
    A lost cause
  7. A chance to achieve sg if you work very hard at it
    A fighting chance
  8. A very small amount that will have a little or no effect
    A drop in the ocean
  9. An area of protected land around a city where building is not allowed
    The green belt
  10. An issue that cause angry debate and is difficult to deal with
    A hot potato
  11. A person who is no longer successful or effective in a particular role
    A lame luck
  12. A statement that sb is healthy or that an organization is operating correctly or is in good condition
    A clean bill of health
  13. A statement that gives a positive opinion of sg that sb has done
    A/the steal of approval
  14. An event or project that is extremely successful
    A roaring success
  15. An advantage that helps you to be successful
    A head start
  16. Sg that quickly gives you more energy, confidence, etc.
    A shot in the arm
  17. A thing that no longer exists or happens
    A thing of the past
  18. A way of doing sg that is between two extreme position or is satisfactory to everyone
    A/the happy medium
  19. An exciting mix of dangerous activities
    Thrills and spills
  20. A sudden or complete change of policy or opinion
    • A U-turn
    • a volte-face
  21. It is sudden overthrow of a government by revolution
    a coup d'├ętat
  22. It is an embarrassing mistake
    A faux pas
  23. A person who is different from the rest of the family and who is considered bad or embarrassing
    The black sheep (of the family)
  24. A person who is good at making plants grow
    Green fingers
  25. A very special welcome given to an important visitor
    The red carpet
  26. A bruise around your eye caused by an accident or sb hitting you
    a black eye
  27. Official rules or procedures that seem unnecessary and cause delays
    Red tape
  28. A lie told to avoid making sb else upset
    A white lie
  29. A thing that is completely useless or no longer needed, and may have cost a lot of money
    A white elephant
  30. A specially good chance to do sg
    • A golden opportunity
    • the chance of a lifetime
  31. The illegal buying and selling of goods or currency that are officially controlled and hard to obtain
    The black market
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