55. Metaphors in phrasal verbs

  1. had so many problems that the marriage was impossible to continue existing
    Things went downhill and her marriage fell apart.

    • sb' world  falls apart
    • The book's falling apart = szétesik
  2. Become worse in quality
    stopped working temporarily
    • Their standards have gone down in recent months
    • The computer system has gone down.
  3. Reduced the price by 15 per cent
    • Knoced down
    • knockdown prices
  4. Becomes stronger because of fear
    • Terrorism feeds on fear
    • feed on sg
  5. Absorbing it into our senses, body, and mind
    Soak up
  6. Spread and begin to affect other areas
    he was unable to control his emotions
    Spill over
  7. Think about it as if you are not involved in sg
    Stand back
  8. Make rules stricter or harder to avoid
    Tighten up
  9. Made it successful again
    complete them in a few days
    Turn sg around
  10. Completed the enquiry
    Wrap up
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55. Metaphors in phrasal verbs