52. Legal context

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  1. having no permanent home
    of no fixed abode
  2. The crime of noisy or violent behaviour in a public place
    Breach of the peace
  3. Having made a formal promise to tell the truth in a court of law
    Under/on oath
  4. For example a day, man etc. being discussed
    (in this case the day of the alleged crime)
    In question
  5. Having had too much alcohol
    Under the influence
  6. Do sg without permission
    Take the liberty of doing sg
  7. Find it difficult to accept sg/sb because they annoy you
    Not take kindly to sg/sb
  8. Because of sg; as a result of sg
    By virtue of sg
  9. Together with sb/sg
    In conjunction with sb/sg
  10. Having permission to do sg
    At liberty (to do sg)
  11. A statement made by a judge, magistrate, or lawyer that gives a summary of the evidence in a court
    • Summing-up
    • Sum up
  12. In a way that follows a rule or sb's wishes
    In accordance with sg
  13. Believing that you are doing is right
    In good faith
  14. Take part in a formal arrangement, activity, or discussion
    Enter into sg
  15. Freely and willingly and not in response to force
    Of your own free will
  16. Obey a rule, decision, instruction, etc.
    Abide by sg
  17. The details of sg, often in a contract, that are written in small letters and may include conditions that limit your rights
    The small print
  18. Be the cause of sb's failure
    Be sb's undoing
  19. You do or get sg by tricking or deceiving people
    Under false pretences
  20. It is the real meaning or intention of a la, even if the way it is written doesn't express this
    The spirit of the law
  21. It is the exact words that are used in a law rather than its general meaning
    The letter of the law
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