51. Formal idioms

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  1. used as a polite formula when you are going to disagree with sb.
    with (all due) respect (to sb)
  2. To a greet extent
    • In large part
    • in large measure
  3. Because of sb's actions
    • At the hands of sb
    • they suffered at his hands
  4. Start disagreeing or arguing with sb about sg
    Take issue with sg/sb (over about sg)
  5. Showyour respect for sb by visiting them, going to their funeral, attending a memorial service
    Pay your respects (to sb)
  6. Die in order to protect or save sb/sg
    Lay down your life (for sb/sg)
  7. Have power or influence over a group of people or a region
    Hold sway
  8. Used to indicate the result or consequence of a situation or an action
    Therein lies sg
  9. Completely destroy a place or area
    Lay waste to sg
  10. Sg has finished
    Be at an end
  11. Cause sg to happen or exist
    Give rise to sg
  12. Make sg definite or complete
    Set the seal on sg
  13. At the beginning of sg
    On the threshold of sg
  14. Be given the opportunity doing sg that makes you feel proud
    Have the honour of doing sg
  15. Say or do sg to show your respect and admiration for sb.
    Pay tribute to sb/sg
  16. Give careful attention to sb/sg
    Pay (no) heed to sb/sg
  17. (of an action) performed with greater courage or effort than is usual or expected
    Beyond the call of duty
  18. Feel grateful to sb for their help, kinsness, etc.
    • Be in sb's debt
    • bi in debt to sb
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