49. Informal spoken idioms

  1. be paying all your attention to tg
    be glued to sg
  2. Be paying all your attention to sg
    Be glued to sg
  3. Sg that is not particularly good or interesting
    • Nothing to get excited about
    • nothing to write home about
  4. Not be sg that you enjoy, though others might enjoy it
    Not be your idea of fun
  5. You are sure to get it or achieve it
    Be in the bag
  6. Have the possibility of succeeding or achieving sg.
    Be in with a chance (if doing sg)
  7. Be difficult to do, or involve a lot of effort or time
    Take some doing
  8. Used to say that the opposite of what sb says is true
    • Far from it
    • Quite the opposite/reverse
  9. Used to say that sg especially criticism, has no effect on sb
    (like) water off a duck's back
  10. Feel/be unfairly treated
    Feel/be hard done ny
  11. Yes, please
    I wouldn't say no
  12. Be thinking about sg else
    Be miles away
  13. Leave a place
    Make a move
  14. Have (a lot of) difficulty in doing sg
    Be (hard) pushed to do sg
  15. Refuse to listen or get involved
    Not want to know
  16. Do or say nothing more
    leave it at that
  17. Take more risks than are sensible
    Push your luck
  18. Annoyed
    None/not too pleased
  19. Likes to do what he wants or what interests him
    Do his own thing
  20. Must be imagining you can see things that aren't there
    • Be seeing things
    • be hearing things
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