47. Decision-making

  1. consider the good and bad aspects of sg before reaching a decision about it
    weigh sg up
  2. Stop considering sg; forget about sg
    Lose sight of sg
  3. Used to say that sg is true, whether people think it is a good thing or bad thing
    Rightly or wrongly
  4. A feeling that sg is right, even if you cannot explain why
    Gut feeling/reaction/instinct
  5. Do sg quickly without thinking about it first
    • Rush into sg
    • rush headlong into sg
  6. Go to sb/sg for help and advice
    Turn to sb/sg
  7. Accept or agree to a decision, a plan, or an offer
    Go with sg
  8. Have your opinions and make your own decisions without being influenced by others
    Have a mind of your own
  9. Be / not be brave enough to do what you feel is right
    Have/lack the courage of your convictions
  10. Choose fish
    Was sold for £100
    Trying to get the job
    • I always go for fish in a restaurant.
    • The painting went for £100
    • There were three people going for the job
  11. Pretend not to see or notice sg, usually sg bad
    Turn a blind eye (to sg)
  12. Become involved in a difficult situation to help or make it stop
    Step in
  13. Used for saying that you do not know which of two things to choose, or which of two things will happen
    • Be a toss-up
    • toss up
  14. The less unpleasant of two unpleasant choices
    The lesser of two evils
  15. Be unable to decide (about sg / doing sg)
    Be in two mind (about sg / doing sg)
  16. Decide not to do sg that you usually do
    Give sg a miss
  17. Accept sg/sb unpleasant in a patient way
    Put up with sg/sb
  18. The last in a series of bad actions or events that makes it impossible for you to accept a situation any longer
    The final/last straw
  19. You set a limit on what you will allow or accept
    Draw the line (at sg)
  20. You decide that sg is finished and you stop thinking about sg
    Draw a line under sg
  21. You make a decision by writing the choices on a piece of paper, putting these into a container, and selecting one at random
    Draw lots
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