44. Give advice

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  1. lose the opportunity to have or do sg.
    miss out (on sg)
  2. Be a sensible thing to do
    Make sense (to do sg)
  3. (used especially in instructions, announcements, etc.) always
    At all times
  4. Pay attention to sg and be sure to remember it
    Take note ( of sg)
  5. If sg happens
    In the event of sg
  6. Necessary and very important
    Of the essence
  7. In this situation or feeling, you are so involved in it that you forget about other things
    Sweep sb along
  8. Be aware of what is happening around you and ready to act and think quickly
    • Keep your wits about you
    • keep your head
  9. Have the possibility of succeeding in sg
    Stand a chance of (doing) sg
  10. Used to suggest that sb should do sg:
    ...ask for help
    ...for more time to finish the work
    ...take an umbrella with you
    • It does/would do no harm to¬†
    • There is no harm in asking
    • It wouldn't hurt to
  11. Used to say strongly that sg is not true, even if you try to imagine it
    (not) by any stretch of the imagination
  12. It is obvious or logical (that...)
    It stands to reason (that...)
  13. Be in the same difficult situation
    Be in the same boat
  14. Have sympathy for sb
    Feel for sb
  15. Used to say that if other methods do not succeed, there is one last thing you can try
    • If all else fails
    • As a last resort
  16. Get very excited, angry, or upset about sg
    • Get worked up (about sg)
    • work yourself up (about sg)
  17. Used to emphasize that sg is only your opinion or suggestion, and you are not sure how helpful it is
    For what it's worth
  18. Used to advise sb to do or try sg
    You could do worse than
  19. The thing that gives the best chance of success
    Your best bet
  20. Prevent sb from doing sg
    Keep sb from doing sg
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