38. Commenting

  1. clearly and directly
    in no uncertain terms
  2. be sg that everyone knows
    be common knowledge
  3. used to emphasize that what you are saying is the opposite of what many people think
    contrary to popular belief
  4. it is officially described in a particular way, but the description is not really true
    in name only
  5. used to say that although sg is not exactly true or accurate, the effect is the is the same as if it were true or accurate
    to all intents and purposes
  6. used to say you will do sg only after trying everything else to solve a problem
    • as a last resort
    • if all else fails
  7. if you can do sg at a push, you can do it, but only with difficulty
    at a pinch
  8. being completely correct and accurate
    strictly speaking
  9. used when saying what you would normally choose unless there were special fact to consider
    all (other) things being equal
  10. used to tell sb/others that what they want probably will not happen
    you'll/they'll be lucky
  11. used to admit that sg true, even though you do not like it, or do not agree with things related to it
    I'll give you that
  12. used to say you are willing to do sg, and feel you should probably do more
    it's the (very) least I can do
  13. used when mentioning the last person or thing in a group in order to say that they are as important as the others
    last but not least
  14. too late to take action (the speaker is usually annoyed)
    (a bit) late in the day
  15. used to say that a person is not worried about or interested in what happens to sb/sg
    for all sb cares
  16. used to show your irritation with a comment that sb has made
    it's/that's all very well (for sb) (to do sg)
  17. used to show that you are disappointed or annoyed about sg
    worse luck!
  18. used to say that you are relieved and pleased about sg
    thank goodness
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38. Commenting