36. Presentations

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  1. do sg. without preparation or plans
    wing it
  2. Do sg without preparation or plans
    Wing it
  3. Leave a place with new knowledge or ideas or a particular impression
    Come away with sg
  4. Use experience, knowledge, or a supply of sg that you have gained over time
    Draw on sg
  5. Tell sb your ideas so that they can give their opinion
    Run sg by sb
  6. More than enough time/money/room etc.
    Time/money/room to spare
  7. Make a piece of equipment ready to use
    Set sg up
  8. Stop sb feeling worried
    Put sb's mind at rest/ease
  9. Do sg surprising or impressive that makes sb pay attention to you
    Make sb sit up (and take notice)
  10. Make sb more relaxed 
    Become more relaxed
    • Loosen sb up
    • Loosen up
  11. (usually in progressive tenses) support and encourage sb in a competetion or a difficult situation.
    Root for sb
  12. Shout encouragement at sb in a competetion
    Cheer sb on
  13. Stay till end of a speech, performance, etc. that you think is boring or too long
    Sit through sg
  14. Stop considering sg and forget about it
    Lose sight of sg
  15. Reduce the size or amount of sg, especially with lots of small reductions
    Pare sg down
  16. Used to emphasize that sg is definitely not true
    Nothing could be further from the truth
  17. Fall asleep for a short time while sitting in a chair
    Nod off
  18. Sg. unpleasant starts to have an effect which could continue for a long time
    Set in (panic, the rain, the winter...)
  19. Interrupt sb while they are talking
    • Jump in
    • butt in
  20. Two people think they are talking about the same thing, but in fact they are not
    (talk) at cross purposes
  21. A person who is very upset and worried
    A nervous wreck
  22. This use to emphasize that sg is the best or worst that you have experienced. It follows a noun or a noun phrase.
    Of your life
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