Literary Terms 3

  1. Point of View
    The vantage point or perspective from which the story is told.
  2. 1st person
    When the character in a story tells the story through their point of view. Question the reliability because we have the sense that the character cannot know everything.
  3. 3rd Person
    The narrator is not in the mind of anyt character but presents the information without bias and without interpretation.
  4. Omniscient
    All-knowing, narrator can be in the consciousness of all characters. Can tell us not only what the characters are saying and doing but also what they are thinking and feeling.
  5. Limited omniscient
    A narrator who sees into one or two characters' minds and tells us what is going on in there.
  6. Objective
    The author presents the external action of the story as if it were being filmed by a movie camera.
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Literary Terms 3
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