1. Anecdote
    a brief amusing story
  2. Celerity
  3. Dexterous
    skillful with hands
  4. Extraneous
  5. Incoherent
    not clear
  6. Maladroit
    clumsy; unskillful
  7. Pallid
  8. Presumptuous
    assuming too much; arrogant
  9. Scrupulous
    careful; diligent; painstaking
  10. Unequivocal
    clear; obvious
  11. Animosity
    hatred; antagonism
  12. Censorious
    disapproving; critical
  13. Dichotomy
    a division into two parts
  14. Extrapolate
    extend; predict on the basis of known data
  15. Incongruous
    not fitting in; out of place
  16. Malady
  17. Palpable
    easily felt; easily perceived
  18. Pretentious
    pompous; self-important
  19. Scrutinize
    examine carefully
  20. Unfetter
    set free
  21. Annex (n)
    A building which is an addition to an existing building
  22. Censure
  23. Didactic
    intended to teach; instructive
  24. Extrinsic
    irrelevant; on the outside
  25. Inconsequential
    unimportant; insignificant; negligible
  26. Malediction
    a curse
  27. Panacea
    remedy for all ills
  28. Prevaricate
    speak misleadingly and evasively
  29. Scuttle
  30. Unfrock
    to remove a priest from his position
  31. Annex (v)
    take possession of; seize; capture
  32. Cerebral
  33. Diffident
    lacking confidence
  34. Fallacious
  35. Inconspicuous
    not easily seen; subtle; not noticeable
  36. Malefactor
    a wrong-doer
  37. Paradigm (3)
    • 1. example
    • 2. model
    • 3. way of looking at things
  38. Pristine
  39. Seminary
    an institution in which priests are trained
  40. Unprecedented
    never having happened before
  41. Anomaly
    something which does not fit in a pattern; irregularity
  42. Certitude
  43. Digress
    wander off the subject
  44. Falter
    hesitate; waver
  45. Indelible
    cannot be wiped out
  46. Malinger
    deliberately avoid work; shirk
  47. Paradox
    apparently contradictory statement
  48. Proclivity
    tendency towards
  49. Sensuous
    appealing to the senses
  50. Unscathed
    unharmed; intact; without a scratch
  51. Antagonism
    hostility; strong opposition
  52. Charlatan
    trickster who claims knowledge he doesn't have
  53. Dike
    dam; embankment
  54. Fanatical
    obsessive; fixated
  55. Indifferent
    • 1. neutral
    • 2. not outstanding
  56. Malingerer
    person who deliberately tries to avoid work
  57. Paragon
    a perfect example
  58. Procrastinate
    delay; put off
  59. Sentinel
    guard; sentry
  60. Unwitting
    not deliberate; unconscious
  61. Antagonistic
    opposed; hostile; aggressive
  62. Chary
    wary of; cautious about; reluctant to give
  63. Dilatory
    slow; falling behind with one's work
  64. Fanaticism
    passion; excessive devotion
  65. Indigenous
    native to a particular area
  66. Malleable
    flexible; can be shaped
  67. Paramount
    of supreme importance
  68. Prodigal
    wasteful; extravagant
  69. Sequester
  70. Upbraid
    scold; tell off; reprimand
  71. Antediluvian
    outdated; prehistoric; very old-fashioned
  72. Chastises
  73. Dilemma
    puzzling situation
  74. Fastidious
    overly particular; finicky
  75. Indolence
  76. Mallet
    • 1. wooden hammer
    • 2. stick used for polo
  77. Parasite
    • 1. scrounger
    • 2. animal which takes digested food from another
  78. Prodigious
    very large
  79. Serendipity
    fortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
  80. Uproarious
    hilarious; hysterical; very funny
  81. Anthology
    a book which is a collection of poems or stories
  82. Chicanery
  83. Delettante
    person who dabbles in a subject without serious study
  84. Fatuous
    silly; foolish
  85. Inductee
    novice; beginner
  86. Manipulatable
    influencable; controllable
  87. Parched
    dried up
  88. Profane
  89. Serene
    calm; peaceful
  90. Upshot
  91. Anthropocentrism
    putting man at the center of one's philosophy
  92. Chimerical
    changeable; unstable
  93. Diligent
  94. Feasible
    possible and practicable
  95. Indulgent
    pampering; satisfying desires
  96. Marred
    damaged; spoiled
  97. Pariah
    an outcast from society
  98. Profanity
    swearing; cursing
  99. Serrated
    jagged; saw-like
  100. Urbane
    sophisticated; suave
  101. Antiquated
    outdated; old-fashioned
  102. Choleric
    easily angered
  103. Diorama
    model of a scene
  104. Fecund
  105. Inebriation
    drunkenness; intoxication
  106. Marshal
    to gather together
  107. Parity
  108. Profound
    having deep meaning
  109. Servile
    overly submissive; groveling
  110. Usurp
    take someone's position (usually by force)
  111. Apathetic
    indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
  112. Chronicler
    person who records historical information
  113. Dirge
    mournful song
  114. Felicitous
  115. Ineffable
    cannot be expressed in words
  116. Marsupial
    pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
  117. Parochial
    narrow-minded; concerned only with local matters
  118. Profundity
  119. Skeptical
    doubting; not gullible
  120. Utilitarian
  121. Apathy
    lack of interest or emotion
  122. Circuitous
  123. Disapprobation
  124. Fervor
    passion; enthusiasm
  125. Inept
    incompetent; unskilled; useless
  126. Martinet
    person who believes in strict discipline
  127. Parody
    a mockery; imitation for ridicule; spoof
  128. Proletarian
    member of the working class
  129. Skirmish
    minor battle
  130. Utopian
    a believer in an ideal world
  131. Apocryphal
    of doubtful origin
  132. Circumlocution
    using too many words; long-windedness
  133. Discern
    to distinguish one thing from another
  134. Fickle
    unpredictable; whimsical; easily swayed
  135. Inertia
    inactivity; lethargy
  136. Masochist
    person who intentionally inflicts pain on himself
  137. Parry
    ward off; avoid
  138. Prolific
    producing a lot
  139. Sluggard
    slow-moving; lethargic person
  140. Vacillate
    waver; hesitate
  141. Appease
    pacify; soothe; calm down; make peace with
  142. Circumscribe
  143. Discord
  144. Finesse
  145. Inevitable
    cannot be avoided
  146. Matriarchy
    society governed by women
  147. Parsimonious
    economical; frugal; thrifty
  148. Proponents
    promoters; supporters
  149. Smelt
    refine an ore
  150. Vacuous
    empty; silly; meaningless
  151. Apprenhensive
    worried; fearful
  152. Circumspect
    cautious; considering all sides
  153. Discordancy
    cacophony; harshness; jarring
  154. Fitful
    not continuous; stopping and starting
  155. Inexorable
  156. Maverick
    a loner
  157. Parsimony
    stinginess; frugality; cost-cutting
  158. Prosaic
    dull; boring; ordinary
  159. Smorgasbord
    a Swedish buffet of cold dishes
  160. Vagrant
    person wandering without a home
  161. Arable
    can be cultivated
  162. Circumvent
  163. Discrepancy
    something which does not match up; inconsistency
  164. Flagrant
    Clearly wrong
  165. Inexpedient
    not advisable
  166. Meager
    in short supply
  167. Partisan
    biased; one-sided; committed to one group
  168. Proscribe
  169. Solace
    comfort for grief
  170. Vapid
    dull; uninspiring
  171. Arbitrary
    random; for no definite reason
  172. Clairvoyant
    psychic; mystic
  173. Discriminate
    to make a clear distinction; see the difference
  174. Flamboyant
    showy; ornate
  175. Infallible
    perfect; flawless; cannot make mistakes
  176. Meander
    wander from side to side
  177. Pathos
    evoking sadness or pity
  178. Prosody
    study of versification
  179. Solicit
    to ask for; seek
  180. Variegated
    multicolored; speckled
  181. Arcane
    obscure; known only to a few people
  182. Clamor
    shout; scream
  183. Discursiveness
    long windedness; indirectness
  184. Flaunt
    show off; display in a showy manner
  185. Infamous
    famous for something bad
  186. Mellow
    soft; melodious; ripe
  187. Patron
    one who gives support (usually financial)
  188. Prostration
    • 1. lying face down
    • 2. be overcome with extreme weakness
  189. Somnambulist
  190. Vehemence
    violence; fervor; forcefulness
  191. Archaic
    ancient; outdated; old fashioned
  192. Clandestine
    secret; covert; stealthy
  193. Disdain
    contempt; strong dislike
  194. Flippant
    making jokes about serious matters
  195. Infer
    deduce; conclude
  196. Menagerie
    collection of animals
  197. Patronize
    condescend to; behave in an arrogant manner towards
  198. Protagonist
    main character in film, book, play etc.
  199. Soothsayer
  200. Vehement
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