1. What are the four subdivisions of Transcendentalist?
    Early romantics, fireside poets,transcendentalist, gothics
  2. Who are the early romantic writters?
    Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper
  3. Fireside Poets?
    • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    • William Cullen Bryant
    • Oliver Wendell Homes
    • James Russel Lowell
    • John Greenleaf Wittier
  4. Transcendentalist ?
    • Henry David Thoreau
    • Walt Witmen
    • Ralf Waldo Emirson
    • Emily Dickenson
    • Margaret Fuller
  5. Gothics?
    • Herman Melville
    • Edgar Allen Poe
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  6. Washington Irvin
    wrote : Rip Van Winkle, Devil and Tom Walker, The legend of the sleepy hollow.
  7. technically first american writter
    washing irving
  8. James  Fenimore Cooper
    wrote: The Last of The Mohicans
  9. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    wrote: A fire of driftwood, a psalm of life,the tide rises the tide falls, midnight ride of paul revere 
  10. Oliver Wendell Homes
    wrote : Old Iron sides
  11. William Cullen Bryant
    wrote: Thanatopsis
  12. James Russel Lowell
    First snow fall
  13. John Greenleaf Wittier
    Burning Driftwood, Snowbound; a winter dyll
  14. Henry David Thoreau
    • really into emirson ideas, something about a mexican war
    • wrote: walden, civil disobedience 
  15. herman Melville
    • complete loser all his life
    • wrote: mobidick
  16. Ralf Waldo Emirson
    • eyeball! coolest one out of transcendentalist 
    • wrote: Nature and Self Reliance , and concord hymn
    • Father of transcendentalist 
  17. Emily Dickenson
    wrote: song of myself, i heard a fly buzz-, when i died, because i could not stop for death
  18. Walt Witmen
    song of myself, i hear america
  19. Margeret Fuller
    editer of dile, first transcendental publication
  20. co editors of the dile
    margeret fuller and ralf waldo emirson
  21. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    the scarlet letter,seven gables, young goodman brown
  22. edgan allan poe
    • father of dark romanticism
    • gothic writer
    • wrote: the fall of the house of usher, the raven, the mask of the red death
  23. discoverers
    John wesley powell, merriwhether lewis and william clark
  24. 3 month journey through a colorado river with one arm
    john wesley powel
  25. 2 year journey
    merriwhether lewis and william clark
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