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  1. Which of the following processes is not part of project integration management

    a. develop the project business case
    b. develop the project charter
    c. develop the project management plan
    d . close the project or phase
    A development project business case
  2. What is the last up in the 4 stage planning process for selecting information technology projects

    a. information technology strategy planning
    b. business area analysis
    c. mind mapping
    d . resource allocation
    D resource allocation
  3. Which of the following is not a best practice for new product development projects

    a. align projects and resources with business strategy
    b. select projects that will take less than two years to provide payback
    c. focus on customer needs in identifying projects
    d . assign project managers to lead projects
    B select projects that will take less than 2 years to provide pay back
  4. The new government law requires an organization to report data in a new way. Under which category whould a new information systems project to provide this data fall

    a. problem
    b. opportunity
    c. directive
    d. regulation
    C directive
  5. Is estimates for total discounted benefits for a project are $120,000 and total discounted costs are $100,000 what is the estimated return on investment ROI

    a. $20,000
    b. $120,000
    c. 20 percent
    d. 120 percent
    C 20 percent
  6. A blank is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides Direction on the project objectives and management

    a. project charter
    b. contract
    c. business case
    d. project management plan
    A project character
  7. Which of the following items is not normally included in a project charter.

    a. the name 0f the project manager
    b. budget inlormation
    c. stakeholder signatures
    d. a Gantt chart
    D a Gantt chart
  8. Blank ensures that the descriptions of the projects products are correct and complete.

    a. Configuration management
    b. Integrated change control
    c. Integration management
    d. A change control board
    A configuration management
  9. Which of the following is not a suggestion for performing integrated change control

    a. use good configuration management
    b. mininize change
    c. establish a formal change control system
    d. view project management as a process of constant oommunication and negotiation
    B minimize change
  10. What tool and technique is used for all of the other project integration management processes

    a. project management software
    b. templates
    c. expert judgment
    d. all of the above
    C expert judgement
  11. Blank refers to all of the work involved in creating the products of the project and the process used to create them

    a. Deliverables
    b. Milestones
    c. Scope
    d. Product development
    C scope
  12. Which tool or technique for collecting requirements is often the most expensive and time consuming

    a. interviews
    b. focus groups
    c. surveys
    d. observation
    A interviews
  13. A blank is a deliverable oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project

    a. scope statement
    b. WBS
    c. WBS dictionary
    d. work package
    B WBS
  14. What approach to developing a WBS involves writing down or drawing ideas in a nonlinear format?

    a. top-down
    b. bottom-up
    c. analogy
    d. mind mapping
    D mind mapping
  15. Assume you have a project with major categories called planning, analysis, design, and testing. What level of the WBS would these items fall under?

    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 3
    C 2
  16. which of the following is not a best practice that can help in avoiding scope problems on information technology project

    a. Keep the scope realistic
    b. Use off-the-shelf hardware and software whenever possible
    c. Follow good project management processes
    d. Don't involve too many users in scope management
    D don't involve too many users in scope management
  17. What major restaurant chain terminated in large project after spending 170 million on it primarily because they realize the project scope was too much to handle

    a. Burger King
    b. Pizza Hut
    c. McDonald's
    d. Taco Bell
    C McDonalds
  18. Scope blank is often achieved by a customer inspection and then sign off on key deliverables

    a. verification
    b. validation
    c. completion
    d. close-out
    A verification
  19. Which of the following is not a suggestion for improving user input

    a. Develop a good project selection process for information technology projects
    b. Have users on the project team
    c. Co-locate users with developers
    d. Only have meetings as needed, not on a regular basis
    D only have meetings as needed, not on a regular basis.
  20. Project management software helps you develop a blank which serves as a basis for creating gnatt charts, assigning resources, and up allocating costs

    a. project plan
    b. schedule
    c. WBS
    d. deliverable
    C WBS
  21. What is the first process in planning a project schedule

    a. defining milestones
    b. defining activities
    c. estimating activity resources
    d. sequencing activity sequencing
    B defining activities
  22. Predecessors, successors, logical relationships, Leeds and lags, resource requirements, constraints, imposed dates, and assumptions are all examples of blank

    a. items in an activity list
    b. items on a Gantt chart
    c. milestone attributes
    d. activity attributes
    D activity attributes
  23. As the project manager for a software development project, you are helping to develop the project schedule. You decide that writing code for a system should not start until users sign off on the analysis work. What type of dependency is this

    a. technical
    b. mandatory
    c. discretionary
    d. external
    C discretionary
  24. You cannot start editing a technical report until someone else completes the first draft. What type of dependency does this represent

    a. finish-to-start
    b. start-to-start
    c. finish-to-finish
    d. start-to-finish
    A finish to start
  25. Which of the following statements is false?

    a. A resource breakdown structure is a hierarchical structure that identifies the project's resources by category and type.
    b. Duration and effort are synonymous terms.
    c. A three-point estimate is an estimate that includes an optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate.
    d. A Gantt chart is a common tool for displaying project schedule information.
    B duration and effort are synonymous terms
  26. What symbol on a gnatt chart represents a slipped milestone

    a. a black arrow
    b. a white arrow
    c. a black diamond
    d. a white diamond
    D a white diamond
  27. What type of diagram shows planned an actual project schedule information

    a. a network diagram
    b. a Gantt chart
    c. a Tracking Gantt chart
    d. a milestone chart
    C a tracking gantt chart
  28. Blank is a networking diagramming technique used to predict total project duration

    a. PERT
    b. A Gantt chart
    c. Critical path method
    d. Crashing
    A PERT
  29. Which of the following statements is false

    a. "Growing grass" was on the critical path for a large theme park project.
    b. The critical path is the series of activities that determine the earliest time by which  a project can be completed.
    c. A forward pass through a project network diagram determines the early start and early finish dates for each activity .
    d. Fast tracking is a technique for making cost and schedule trade offs to obtain the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental cost.
    D fast tracking is a technique for making cost and schedule trade-offs to obtain a greatest amount of schedule compression for the last incremental cost.
  30. Blank is a method of scheduling that considers limited resources when creating a project schedule includes buffers to protect the project completion date.

    a. Parkinson's Law
    b. Murphy's Law
    c. Critical path analysis
    d. Critical chain scheduling
    D critical chain scheduling,
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