fleeing vehicle

  1. what is the decision to pursue a fleeing vehicle based on.
    that the threat to public is less to chase the veh. then it is to let the subject remain at large.
  2. What is the most critical element of any fleeing veh. incident.
    the need to match the level of control with the level of risk posed by the fleeing individual.
  3. When is pursuit of fleeing vehicle acceptable
    reasonable belief that an occupant of vehicle has committed or is committing a forcible felony

    Reasonable belief that purssuit is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to any person.
  4. what events do not allow a pursuit
    burglary of unoccupied veh. auto theft, suspicious vehicles or traffic offenses.
  5. Can a motorcycle officer pursue a veh.
    yes but only until marked units arrive then they must relinquish control of the pursuit
  6. can unmarked police car pursue a veh.
    No unmarked vehicles can not engage in pursuit of fleeing vehicles except when necessary to apprehend individual who has caused death or serious bodily harm to a person.
  7. Can a pursuit be verbally disguised.
    no it can not be disguised using words such as monitoring, tracking, shadowing, or following
  8. Can an officer becoming victim of agg assault or battery during pursuit be basis for continuing the pursuit. veh drove into officer or officer veh.
  9. What is a motorized vehicle operated by a person who knowingly or willfully refuses to stop or uses agressive tactics to avoid apprehension
    Fleeing vehicle
  10. what is the operation of a police veh. so as to attempt to overtake a fleeing vehicle and apprehend the occupant(s). Includes effort to maintain the same distance behind the fleeing vehicle.
  11. What must an officer inform dispatch of at time of pursuit initiation
    • Veh. refusing to stop
    • In pursuit of veh.
    • reason for pursuing veh.
    • location direction and approx. speed of travel
    • description of veh and suspects
    • continuous progress of veh.
    • if headed into another jurisdiction
    • Location where veh. is stopped
  12. What information must be updated throughout the pursuit
    • speed
    • driving behavior
    • direction of travel
    • location
  13. What radio channel will pursuit be handled on
    main channel
  14. can an officer pursue a vehicle driving the wrong direction against traffic
  15. how should an officer enter a red light intersection during pursuit
    no more than 15mph and not untill certain that all traffic has stopped.
  16. If fleeing veh. enters wrong direction what must officer do
    terminate pursuit

    or parallel the vehicle while still traveling on the correct side of the road

    request additional officers observe exits available to offender

    notify outside agencies that vehicle is headed into their city.
  17. How many units may remain in a pursuit
    only two the primary and the secondary
  18. What are secondary units responsibilities in chase
    maintain a safe distance to avoid collision should subject stop suddenly or crash

    when possible conduct communications and updates to allow primary to concentrate on driving
  19. what are dispatchers responsibilities during pursuit
    Notify supervisor of which the pursuit originated.

    anticipate which jurisdictions fleeing vehicle is headed towards and alert appropriate agency and criminal charges.
  20. What are supervisor responsibilities during pursuit
    evaluate circumstances and ensure pursuit is in accordance with policy

    Decide to continue or terminate pursuit
  21. When should officer and/or supervisor consider terminating pursuit
    Fleeing veh. enters congested area including active school zones, busy shopping areas, or where dense pedestrian traffic is expected

    risk to public is greater than letting subject go

    suspect driving careless or reckless including excessive speed, driving wrong direction

    Weather conditions or road conditions prohibit safe and successful end to pursuit

    Driver can be identified and apprehended at a later time.
  22. When is a pursuit terminated
    supervisor or higher orders the stop

    pursuing unit looses radio communication

    pursuing officer feels that risk to himself or public is to high.
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