accidental discharge

  1. which if any accidental discharges are reported and investigated
    all of them
  2. What happens to member involved in AD of firearm which results in injury or death
    relieved of duty until preliminary admin. review is conducted
  3. What is an unexpected or unintentional expulsion of a projectile from a firearm
    Accidental Discharge
  4. What is process of AD without injury
    notify supervisor

    supervisor respond to scene and notify comm center, shift captain, involved members captain, IA captain, and Homicide Sgt.

    Offense report must be completed

    Supervisor will be assigned by captain to complete investigation

    Final report forwarded to IA and Homicide for review
  5. Who is contacted after AD with injury
    member to request immediate medical assitance

    Immediately notify the supervisor

    Supervisor immediately respond to scene

    • Com Center notify Ops burreau chief, major, and captain and then
    • IA Captain
    • Homicide Sergeant
    • Public Information Officer
    • Legal Advisor
    • FOP President and teamsters
  6. What is the process after AD
    notify all required personel

    supervisor to ensure Offense report completed

    Homicide investigator respond to scene to investigate

    Copy of investigation forwarded to IA for review and investigation

    All non-involved department members on scene will complete supplement.
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