lit final exam

  1. lesson of the mclean deluxe?
    • not make a big deal about changing things
    • change happens quietly
  2. what does Fergus Clydesdale say/
    when you understand foods at the molecular level theres a lot you can do with food and health that we're not doing now
  3. what does freedman believe about the wholesome food movement in the article how junk food can end obesity?
    • wholesome food is for the rich
    • pushing people to eat in a natural way is a luxury and therefore is not much better bc its still fatty
    • wholesome food is a joke to a degree
  4. what is wholesome food according to freedman?
    a distortion to reality
  5. what does he think is the biggest issue with food?
  6. overall freedman is suspicious about?
    the idea of wholesome foods, there's another way at any expense to change things
  7. FMSA?
    food moderation and safety act
  8. what types of foods does the FMSA pose potential harm too?
    carrots, kohirabi, pickles and spinach
  9. food hubs?
    • provide foods for local places
    • environmentally friendly and cheaper costs
    • quaint modern idea
  10. what will be damaged as a result of the FMSA?
    food hubs
  11. CSA?
    community supported agriculture
  12. what is a CSA?
    people buy into a small farm
  13. limitations of a CSA?
    • need volunteers who are able to grow food properly
    • no efficient for feeding masses
    • get bored of it
    • seasons
  14. American culture is uninterested in ?
  15. the USDA/PB outbreak is an article from ?
    FDA, the government agency
  16. what does the USDA pb outbreak article claim?
    that government organizations are doing the best they can to address outbreaks and keep food safe
  17. what do the FDA and CDC stress?
    • all the best for the country
    • shows all good about the agency
    • hides concealed info
    • promotes speed and efficiency
  18. the main goal is showing that the CDC and FDA are?
    flawed but trying to do better
  19. food modernization act?
    idea to regulate food so its better for population
  20. in Tyson foods who is the owner of the animals? owner of farm?
    • tyson
    • farmer
  21. in Tyson foods, the farmer doesn't have?
    any real investment in the company
  22. the problem at Tyson foods was discovered by?
    an undercover news team, not the government
  23. chicken mcnuggets are fashioned by the same method as?
    the mcRib
  24. what is the mcRib made out of?
    by grinding factory farmed chicken meat into a mash and then reconstituting them into a preservative stabilized solid
  25. who proposed object cause of desire?
    lacan and zizek
  26. what is object cause of desire?
    • the reasons why we want the thing
    • desire drives it, although we know its not real food
  27. real life example of object cause of desire?
    • feelings you have for a person creates your desire to want the person
    • the feelings, emotional or psychological attitudes you have that make you want it
  28. zizek came up with the ?
    parallax gap
  29. parallax gap is?
    • about perception
    • don't know what the desire is until you step aside and look at it and recognize what is really going on
  30. the causes of our desires cant be seen directly at from a?
    distorted perspective
  31. how I the mcRib like Holbein's skull?
    we experience it as foodstuff, as marketing campaign, as cult object, as internet meme, but those experiences don't sufficiently explain it
  32. what is the main idea with the addiction to McRib?
    to understand it fully we have to look at the sanwhich from a far
  33. scarcity?
    something that is taken away and then brought back
  34. things that are rare and hard to find are?
    often have greater value
  35. what we do/don't know about the mcrib?
    • what is really in it
    • entire food industry is built on model, "its best if you don't know"
  36. mc rib desire and frequency/infrequency?
    • unconscious desire
    • justifies the mcnugget, mcdonalds on a whole
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