27. Media

  1. force or try to persuade sb to do sg; that person is then...
    • put pressure on sb (to do sg) - befolyásol vkit
    •                                                   protekciót vesz igénybe
  2. (of secret information) become known to the public
    leak out - kiszivárog
  3. used for saying that a remark is not official or intended to be made public
    • off the record - négyszemközt, bizalmasan
    • on the record - hivatalosan

    spread sg on the records - jegyzőkönyvbe vesz vmit
  4. make sg seem much worse or more dangerous than it really is
    blow sg (up) out of (all) proportion - ?
  5. a name known to everyone; a famous person
    a household name - ismert név
  6. try to cause arguments or probelms
    stir sg up - felszít, támaszt
  7. make people feel less certain about sg
    cast doubt(s) on sg - kétségbe von vmit
  8. If a difficult situation..., people stop talking about it and soon forget about it
    • blow over - elvonul (vihar)
    •                    feledésbe megy
  9. disappear
    go away - meglép
  10. get rid off sg that is wrong or dangerous, often with force
    stamp sg out - elpusztít, likvidál
  11. as soon as possible
    the sooner the better - minél előbb, annál jobb
  12. suffer the worst part of sg unpleasant
    • bear the brunt of sg - megissza a levét vminek
    •                                    tartja a hátát vmiért
  13. you don't believe sg, even though you cannot explain why
    not ring true - nem hangzik igaznak
  14. try in a determined way to achieve sg
    go to great lenghts (to do sg) - messzire képes elmenni vmiért ?
  15. you are so determined way to achieve sg that you would act in an extreme way if necessary
    go to any lenghts (to do sg) - ?
  16. used to say who or what is preventing sg from happening
    if it weren't/wasn't for sb/sg - ha az nem lett volna ?
  17. try to keep sg a secret, especially sg you have done wrong
    sweep sg under the carpet - a szőnyeg alá söpör vmit
  18. (of sg that was previously secret) become known
    • come out in/into open - gyere ki a jó levegőre/szabadba
    • come to light - napvilágra jön
  19. upset sb doing or saying more than you should
    • overstep the mark - túllő a célon, többet enged meg magának a kelleténél
    • go too far - túl messzire megy
  20. state your opinions in public, especially in order to protest against or defend sg
    speak out (against sg) - felemeli a szavát vmi ellen
  21. feel both positive and negative about sg/sb
    have mixed feelings about sg/sb - vegyes érzelmei vannak vmi felől
  22. people remember the bad things they hear about se, even if they are later shown to be false
    mud sticks - hírnéven esett folt
  23. if sg bad is said about sg, it usually has some truth in it
    there's no smoke without fire - nincs tűz füst nélkül
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