26. Conference

  1. the time goes very quickly
    • flash by - repül az idő
    • fly by
  2. leave a place with new knowledge or ideas or a particular impression
    come away with sg - feltöltődve távozik ?
  3. praise for sg you have done well
    • a pat on the back - kedvesen hátba vereget
    • to give sy a pat on the back - bátorít vkit
  4. share the same views as sb about sg
    • see eye to eye with sb - egy véleményen van vkivel
    • szembenéz vkivel
  5. an idea that makes you think about sg seriously and carefully
    it give me food for thought - gondolkodóba ejt
  6. make sb realize the truth about sg
    open sb's eyes (to sg) - felnyitja/nyitogatja vki szemét
  7. all the time; from the beginning
    • all along - mindvégig
    • it's all along of you! - mindennek te vagy az oka!
  8. arrange for sb to be available for an event or arrange for an event to happen
    line sb/sg up - felsorakoztat, sorba állít
  9. reduce the differences between two things or groups of people
    bridge the gap/gulf/divide (between) - áthidalni a szakadékot
  10. provide the things that a person or a situation requires
    cater for sb/sg - ellát vkit
  11. as good as the best; excellent
    • second to none - felülmúlhatatlan
    •                             mindenki felett áll
  12. discuss ideas with other people to get their opinion and make a decision
    bounce ideas off sb - mérlegel ?
  13. give information or opinions about sg to sb, especially so that it can be improved
    • feed (sg) back (to sb) - visszajelzés vmiről vkinek
    • feedback - visszacstolás
  14. loose the opporunity to have or to do sg
    miss out (on sg) - kihagyja a lehetőséget
  15. know a lot about a particular subject or job
    • know your stuff - tudja a leckét
    •                             ért a dolgához
  16. remember an important piece of information that could be useful in the future
    • bear sg in mind - észben tart
    •                            nem feledkezik meg vmiről
  17. without planning it first; spontaneously
    • off the cuff - rögtönözve 
    •                     kapásból
  18. without careful thought or checking the facts
    off the top of her head - fejetlenül ?
  19. unusual; slightly crazy
    off the wall - meredek ?
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26. Conference