Vocabulary Ch. 9&10

  1. beatitude
    a state of perfect happiness
  2. bete noire
    a pet peeve
  3. bode
    to indicate by signs
  4. dank
    unpleasantly damp
  5. ecumenical
    universal influence
  6. fervid
    extremely heated
  7. fetid
    having an offensive odor
  8. gargantuan
    of immense size
  9. heyday
    the prime years
  10. incubus
    a demon or evil spirit
  11. infrastructure
    a basic foundation
  12. inveigle
    to lure by flattery
  13. kudos
    praise for an achievement
  14. lagniappe
    an unexpected gift
  15. prolix
    long-winded and wordy
  16. protege
    someone under jurisdiction of a foreign country
  17. prototype
    an original model
  18. sycophant
    a defamer
  19. tautology
    needless repetition
  20. truckle
    to yield
  21. acumen
    keenness of insight
  22. adjudicate
    to act as judge
  23. anachronism
    a chronological error
  24. apocryphal
    of questionable authenticity
  25. disparity
    an unlikeness
  26. dissimulate
    to hide one's true intentions
  27. empirical
    derived from practical experience
  28. flamboyant
    vividly colored
  29. fulsome
  30. immolate
    to kill as a sacrifice
  31. imperceptible
    extremely slight
  32. lackey
    a servile follower
  33. liaison
    a close relationship
  34. monolithic
    massive and uniform
  35. mot juste
    the most suitable expression
  36. nihilism
    a total rejection of laws and values
  37. patrician
    a member of the ruling class
  38. propitiate
    to appease
  39. sic
    thus so
  40. sublimate
    to redirect an impulse
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