English Vocab Test 12.06.13

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  1. aspire (v)
    to strive for a goal
  2. bilateral (adj)
    having two sides
  3. candor (n)
  4. defraud (v)
    to cheat
  5. elude (v)
    to escape
  6. fixture (n)
  7. handwriting (n)
    cursive writing
  8. havoc (n)
  9. imbibe (v)
    to absorb or take in something
  10. admonish (v)
    to caution
  11. breach (n)
    an opening, gap or rupture
  12. brigand (n)
    a bandit, robber, outlaw
  13. circumspect (adj)
    careful, cautious
  14. commandeer (v)
    to seize for military
  15. cumbersome (adj)
    clumsy, hard to handle
  16. deadlock (n)
    a standstill resulting from the opposition off two equal forces
  17. debris (n)
    scattered fragments
  18. diffuse (v)
    to spread or scatter freely or widely
  19. dilemma (n)
    a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
  20. efface
    to wipe out
  21. muddle
    to make a mess of
  22. opinionated
  23. perennial
    lasting for a long time
  24. predispose
    to incline to beforehand, make susceptible to
  25. relinquish
    to let go, to give up
  26. salvage
    to save from fire or shipwreck
  27. spurious
    not genuine, not true, not valid
  28. unbridled
  29. spasmodic
    sudden and violent but brief
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