English vocab

  1. Anachronism
    anythingthat is or seems to be out of its proper time in history
  2. Bowdlerize
    to remove passages considered offensive from a book, play etc.
  3. Coterie
    a small select circle of friends who share  a common interest or background
  4. Demagogue
    a power hungry leader who appeals primarily to emotion and prejudice to win people over and gain power
  5. Efficacious
    having the desired of intended result
  6. Fathom
    to probe and come to understand
  7. foment
    to promote the growth and development of; rouse or excite
  8. Gauche
    socially unacceptable
  9. Glib
    nonchalant; superficial or slick
  10. Hubris
    insolence from excessive pride or passion
  11. Ignominious
    dishonorable, despicable
  12. Juxtapose
    Put side by side or close together
  13. Lassitude
    tiredness or weariness
  14. Materiel
    materials and tools necessary for any enterprise
  15. Non-sequitur
    a conclusion or remark that does not follow what came before
  16. Obstreperous
    noisy, boisterous or unruly
  17. Peccadillo
    a minor or petty sin; slight fault
  18. Punctilious
    very careful about every detail of behavior; very exact, scrupulous
  19. Query
    an inquiry, doubt, or question
  20. Rustic
    plain simple, befitting country over city
  21. Surfeit
    an excess
  22. Torpidity
    sluggish, slow and dull
  23. Urbane
    polite and polished
  24. Vacuous
    empty of matter; showing lack of intelligence
  25. Winnow
    to remove the parts not desired
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