Marketing exam 3 sample questions

  1. Ashley works as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. She sells Mary Kay products by holding parties, distributing catalogs, and occasionally, going door-to door. Mary Kay uses a _________marketing channel because the company sells directly to the consumer.
  2. The Shoe Box, a family owned retailer of shoes, buys shoes from Shoe Warehouse to sell in their store. Shoe Warehouse sells the shoes but they do not produce them. They are purchased in large quantities from a variety of manufacturers. 
    This is an example of a _______________.
    Indirect marketing channel and a conventional distribution channel.
  3. Many producers are shifting away from using intermediaries or replacing traditional channels with new types in order to distribute their products to consumers. This is known as _________.
  4. Dell purchases processors from Intel to use in their computers. Intel is a ___________ supply chain partner.
  5. Joe went to Nordstrom to buy a suit to wear to his cousin’s wedding. As he entered the store he was greeted by a sales associate who offered to assist him. The sales associate got Joe’s measurements, helped him pick out a few different suit options and then picked out a few shirts and ties to match. Nordstrom provides all of this assistance because it is a ______.
    Full service retailer
  6. Susie and her mother are going to The Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace for the day. They spend a few hours shopping in Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and J. Jill before breaking for lunch at the Macaroni Grill. After lunch they grabbed coffee at Starbucks before going to Aerosoles to look at shoes. The Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace is an example of a________.
    Lifestyle center
  7. _____________ buy at less-than-regular wholesale prices and charge consumers less than retail prices for goods.
    Off-price retailers
  8. Toys R Us is a huge retail store that sells an incredible assortment of toys, games, electronics, craft projects, etc. Despite selling so many different products, the staff is very knowledgeable. Toys R Us could be categorized as a ______.
    Specialty store and/or a category killer
  9. Retailers such as Target and Home Depot are known for having regularly low prices with few sales or discounts. This type of pricing strategy is known as ….
    Everyday low pricing
  10. Macy’s is known for it’s constant sales and discounts.

    Macy’s prices are fairly high, so most people aren’t willing to buy anything from their unless it’s on sale. Of course there are the occasional few that are willing to do so.

    Macy’s practices a type of pricing known as…
    High-low pricing
  11. Special K has recently introduced a new line of protein breakfast bars. To promote the new line, advertisements for the product have been placed in numerous magazines. The advertisements list the benefits of these particular protein bars in addition to some of the nutritional facts, and what flavors they come in. The objective of these advertisements was to ….
  12. Eric is the marketing director of Dell. The company is looking to launch a new Integrated Marketing Communications campaign. Eric is at the point of determining the budget for this campaign. He discusses finances with the accounting department and determines that the budget will be $1,000,000. To determine the budget, Eric used the ______ method.
  13. Dunkin Donuts recently distributed flyers containing coupons inside this past Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquire. In conjunction with these coupons, print and television advertisements featured pictures of a new menu item, the flatbread sandwhiches. Dunkin Donuts is utilizing what kind of promotional strategy?
  14. žIn order to deliver a clear and consistent message about itself and its brands to its target market, companies utilize _______
    Integrated marketing communications
  15. —Although ______ reaches many people in a short amount of time, it is flawed because it can be impersonal and can only have a one way conversation with the audience.
    Sales promotions
  16. While other promotional mix elements, such as advertising, encourage consumers to buy a product or service, _________ provides incentive to buy immediately.
    Sales promotion
  17. PPS is a distributor and supplier of medical equipment and supplies. The company uses sales representatives in order to get the products to the end users. The sales reps go on sales calls to existing customers and visit prospective customers.
    Outside sales force
  18. You can go to to buy almost anything you could ever need. While Amazon sells pretty much everything, you can only purchase products online as the company has no physical retail operations. This is because Amazon is a ______ company.
    Click only
  19. is a website that allows anyone to buy and sell handmade goods or crafts to anyone anywhere. The online marketplace allows users to set their own prices and sell their products to anyone for a small fee. is an example of what type of online Marketer?
  20. Websites such as allow consumers to “bid” on prices for airline tickets, hotels, and vacation packages. The consumer has the ability to alter departure time, dates, etc in order to get a desired price. Pricelines is an example of a ________ business.
  21. A handbag company, Goochi, wants to sell in China. To do this, they are considering working with a local company in China. Through contracts they are hoping to provide a Chinese manufacturer with the rights to create and distribute their products. Goochi will make profits from allowing them to use their name. This is an example of a_____
    Joint venture
  22. Door-mart, a successful retailer, attempted to sell in South American markets. Using large superstores, they provided consumers with a one-stop-shop to pick up everything they need. However, they did not consider that in most South American countries people don’t have cars to drive to and from these superstores, preventing them from carrying large amounts of things at once. This faux pah occurred because Door-mart did not consider the _____ aspect of these markets.
  23. McKing, a popular fast food restaurant in the US, is looking to expand in India. They decided to change their product to use more local flavors and spices. However, they did not change their marketing strategy of “Lovin’ it your way.” This is an example of a ________ strategy
    Product adaptation
  24. Which is not part of the global value chain?
    Channels between businesses.
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