Marketing Chapter 14 key terms

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  1. Direct marketing
    Connecting directly with carefully targeted segments or individual customers, often on a one-to-one, interactive basis.
  2. Direct-mail marketing
    Marketing that occurs by sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item directly to a person at a particular address.
  3. Catalog marketing
    Direct marketing through print, video, or digital catalogs that are mailed to select customers, made available in stores, or presented online.
  4. Telemarketing
    Using the telephone to sell directly to customers.
  5. Direct-response television (DRTV) marketing
    Direct marketing via television (infomercials and itv advertising)
  6. Online marketing
    Efforts to market products and services to build customer relationships over the internet.
  7. Internet
    A vast public web of computer networks that connects users of all types all around the world to each other and to an amazingly large information repository.
  8. Click-only companies
    Companies that operate online only and have no brick-and-mortar market presence.
  9. Click-and-mortar companies
    Traditional brick-and-mortar companies that have added online marketing to their operations.
  10. Business-to-consumer (B-to-C) online marketing
    Businesses selling goods and services online to final consumers.
  11. Business-to-business online marketing
    Businesses using online marketing to reach new business customers, serve current customers more effectively, and obtain buying efficiencies and better prices.
  12. Consumer-to-consumer (C-to-C) online marketing.
    Online exchanges of goods and information between final consumers.
  13. Blogs
    Online journals where people post their thoughts, usually on a narrowly defined topic.
  14. Consumer-to-business (C-to-B) online marketing
    Online exchanges in which consumers search out sellers, learn about their offers, initiate purchases, and sometimes even drive transaction terms.
  15. Corporate (or brand) web site
    A web site designed to build customer goodwill, collect customer feedback, and supplement other sales channels rather than sell the company's products directly.
  16. Marketing web site
    A web site that interacts with consumers to move them closer to a direct purchase or other marketing outcomes.
  17. Online advertising
    Advertising that appears while consumers are browsing the web, including display ads, search-related ads, online classifieds, and other forms.
  18. Viral marketing
    The internet version of word-of-mouth marketing: a web site, video, e-mail message, or other marketing event that is so infectious that customers will seek it out or pass it along to friends.
  19. Online social networks
    Online communities where people congregate, socialize, and exchange views and information.
  20. E-mail marketing
    Sending highly targeted, tightly personalized, relationship building marketing messages via email.
  21. Spam
    Unsolicited, unwanted commercial e-mail messages.
  22. Mobile marketing
    Marketing to on-the-go consumers through mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile communication devices.
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