Exam Tips

  1. Presents a situation and requires you to name the process group the project is in
    • Initiating (Start)
    • Planning (Plan)
    • Executing (Do)
    • Monitoring and controlling (Check and act)
    • Closing (End)
  2. Know the planning column IN ORDER
    For "What should be done next?"
  3. Initiating "Understand the business case:' could be read as "Understand the project's business case (the case for why the project is being done). This will guide all other project management activities and make sure the project is worth the required investment when completed
    There is a reason the project is initiated, and the project results must support that reason
  4. A company will conduct a financial analysis to see what proposed projects meet the objectives for the least cost, time, resources, and, if it is a very well-run company, the least risk. The organization will then authorize one or more projects by issuing project charters.
    The project manager must keep tangible and intangible objectives in mind when planning and managing the project
  5. A project manager should be spending time preventing problems, so he or she does not have to spend much time dealing with them
    The exam assumes problems should not occur very often or should not have any major impact on the project
  6. How to summarize executing activities while taking the exam?
    "work to the project management plan”, "be proactive”, "manage” and "guide". You are always executing to the project management plan, but the plan might change over time for example due to Integrated Change Control
  7. Monitor and Control process that are complete while taking the exam:
    Realistic and complete project management plan, plans in place for how and when to measure time, cost, scope and performance against the performance measurement baseline. accountable for meeting the performance measurement baseline, measure against the metrics determined and included in the project management plan to see how the project is performing, take action to correct variances that warrant action, deviations from the plan should be made up, rather than requesting a change to the project to accommodate them. Submitting a change request should be the very last resort and only used if there is no other way to make up the deviation
  8. The process of project management does not always go from initiating to planning to executing to monitoring and controlling to closing
    You might enter monitoring and controlling after requested changes, work performance evaluations, per certain deliverables. You might go from monitoring and controlling to any of the other process groups
  9. Correct answers should not state they are direct quotes from the PMBOK
    PMBOK does not describe a methodology. It describes 42 process used to manage a project. The strategy on how to apply the 42 processes is an Organizations methodology.
  10. PM Skill of Problem Solving as a choice; consider this heavily
    Resource and Cost levels rise early in the project and drop over time
  11. If Stakeholders are mentioned they are meant to be "Key" (Most Influential) stakeholders
    Stakeholder influence is highest at the beginning and drops over time
  12. When asked to compare the advantages and disadvantages of an Organizational structure.
    Compare to the Functional Org Structure
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