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  1. what is prehistory
    The peroid of time before the invention of righting.
  2. What is a civilizatation?
    • A number of soceities with shared territorys,
    • institutions and culture.
  3. what does polytheistic mean?
    Worshiping many gods
  4. what does inherited mean?
    passed down from one generation to the next.
  5. what does sanction mean?
    A punishment of crime
  6. what does sedentarization mean?
    settling down into a village
  7. what does nomadic mean?
    A hunting and gathering way of life where a person moves according to their food source
  8. What is a Lapis-Lazulii?
    Blue semi-preicious stone that crafts people used to make works of art
  9. what is a ziggurat?
    A multi storied sacred temple
  10. What is cuneiform?
    First form of writing
  11. What are slaves?
    Prisners of war or free men repaying their debts,slaves have no wages/no rights
  12. What is a scribe?
    A person that studies how to read and right
  13. What is the Cadastre of Dunghi?
    A document that indicates the plan for the city's development,property ownership & taxation
  14. What is a plimpton tablet?
    A mathmatical application
  15. Who is Hammurabi?
    The king of babylon who created the code of hammurabi,based upon the values common to mesopotamians.
  16. who is gligamesh?
    A mythological hero who was two parts god one part human
  17. What is a calamus?
    A writing tool made of a reed stern with a triangular end to right on clay.
  18. What is a stele?
    • A stone Bering an engravement inscription
    • ex:stele of Mesha/code of Hammurabi
  19. What is a surplus of food?
    From agriculture,favorable conditions allowed for an abundance of food-food surpluses means that they had food to store for future purposes.
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