Race and racism xkuay part 2 White power

  1. Who was one of the six founding members of the KKK
    Col. Nathan Bedford
  2. Where was the KKK founded?
    Pulaski tennessee
  3. Who was the KKK's first Grand Wizard?
    Col. Nathan Bedford
  4. What film was the KKK glorifiedd?
    Birth of a nation
  5. What was the general idea of white power movements?
    Paranoid fantasy of a racial holy wars against blacks, immigrants, and ZOGS (zionist occupied governments)
  6. What are some white power contradictions?
    Profess emotional connects through Bible readings to enhance solidarity but call themselves aryans.
  7. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" is the
    Aryan mantra
  8. who are two revered heroes of the white power movement?
    Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess
  9. Who wrote the Turner Diaries?
    William pierce
  10. Who used the book "turner diaries" to bomb the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah building in 1995?
    Timothy Mcveigh.
  11. What is the common stereotype of people that are part of white power movements?
    poorly educated lower class backgrounds.
  12. Where did white power organizations reside?
    Assumed to be in deep south or pacific northwest but Southern California and Michigan are hotbeds too.
  13. According to white interpretation of the bible, present day jews are descendents of
    Satan and Eve
  14. Who were the first white people created by God?
    Adam and Eve
  15. According to white power interpretations of the bible, people of color were created
    before adam and eve, are less endowed, and dont share redemption
  16. The Aryan woodstock was used to
    promote aryan resistance.
  17. What has the anti defamation league (adl) done to assist law enforcement to find hate symbols faster?
    made a mobile app
  18. the number 14 in white power symbolizes
    the 14 words of the aryan mantra
  19. what does 88 represent in white power ?
    HH or Heil HItler
  20. What does ORION stand for
    Our race is our nation
  21. WHat does ROA stand for
    Race all over
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Race and racism xkuay part 2 White power
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