Race and Racism Xkuay part 1

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  1. Who were the leaders of colonial and Post colonial Thought?
    Aime cesaire and Frantz Fanon
  2. What does Pidgin-nigger mean and who's term is that?
    Fanon's. Notion that blacks have to be "good niggers" grinning and being subservient to whites.
  3. Many women of color are in the quest of what?
    White men
  4. What do many black women dissociate themselves with?
    being black.
  5. What's the difference between a Negress and a Mulatto?
    • Negress wants to turn white
    • mulatto wants to turn white and avoid slipping back to being black.
  6. What is racial ambiguity?
    Not understanding that blacks are blacks. Whites saying one is "extremely brown" to disassociate blackness.
  7. What is Decolonization?
    Substitution of one "species" of mankind by another or "the last shall be first"
  8. What did Boukman due in regards of the Haitian revolution?
    Utilized vodou as a secret way to spread messages among maroons, freed persons of color, and slaves.
  9. Who was Touissaint L'overture?
    • Former slave turned land owner.
    • Led slave forces to series of victories over france, spain and england.
    • Emancipated laves and gained citizenship for slaves in France
    • Betrayed by France and imprisoned
  10. what were the patterns of Post colonialism fallout in Haiti?
    • Vodou - elites and mulattoes distanced themselves from it and took positions of power and spoke only french
    • Debt
    • Natural disasters
    • Political instability
  11. What did political instabilities in Haiti lead to?
    The dictatorships of Papa Doc and Baby Doc. Military assuming power to support elites.
  12. Who was twice colonized?
    The Dominican Republic
  13. Independence from haiti marked the date that anti-Haitianism took deep root in the ________ psyche
  14. The War of Restoration was Spain's attemp to reclaim the old empire in ___________
    the Caribbean.
  15. What two countries remained in Spain's grip until 1898?
    Puerto Rico and Cuba
  16. The Caudillo Rule and Foreign Debt was teh result of:
    one strong man after another taking power which added to the country's national debt often through kleptocracy.
  17. What is Hispanocentric identity?
    Overlooked or downplayed African contributions to the ethnic composition by only accepting European (spanish) contributions.
  18. What is Whitening (blanqueamiento)?
    • Process of Eugenics to improve the race.
    • Inviting racially superior immigrants to transfer "good blood" into society.
    • Dominican elites = whites of the land.
  19. What caused US Intervention in Haiti?
    Civil Unrest and first world war concerns.
  20. Who was Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina?
    • American trained and Anti Haitian to command US police force
    • Light skinned mulatto, powdered face, personal appearance.
    • declared martial law
    • remained in power until assasinated
    • Embodied dominican values in leadership styles
  21. What does Dominicanidad mean?
    what it means to be Dominican
  22. What are Indo-hispanic origins?
    fictional indian merge with white dominance to help explain diverse skin colors in population
  23. what is merengue
    Established musical style in Trujillos home province. used it to gain support of non-haitians
  24. What was considered Trujillo's extreme act of Anti-Hatianism
    Genocide campaign to murder haitians. Got away with it by bribe.
  25. What is internalized racism?
    • Social force that causes people to agree with their own oppression on a conscious or unconscious level.
    • Accepting dominant society's racial views.
  26. Who was Enriquello?
    • fictional character that embodied domincan attributes:
    • Catholic
    • moral values consistent with ideals.
  27. what does Gibao (jibao) mean?
    light skinned
  28. A general description of the country's racial mixture is called?
  29. What is Trigueno?
    wheat colored, light borwn. Black person with kinky hair.
  30. Indio Lavado =
    washed indian. person who is light brown
  31. indio Oscuro =
    dark indian. person with very dark skin color. near black.
  32. Indio Quemado =
    Burn indian. black with black hair and eye color
  33. Moreno =
    Brown, brunette, ebony colored. black person
  34. Morejon=
    black person considered ugly or ordinary
  35. Turco =
    Turk or middle eastern; syrian
  36. to look indigenous one must have _______ hair
  37. Good hair is _______
    straight or straightened
  38. bad hair is
    curly, kinky, Haitian.
  39. who coined the Somatic norm image?
    harry Hoetink
  40. ""the complex of physical (somatic) characteristics that are accepted by a group as its norm and ideal. Norm, because it is used to measure aesthetic appreciation; ideal, becasue usually no individual every in fact embodies the somatic norm image of this group" refers to the
    somatic norm image
  41. Of all Latino groups, which group has proven to most likely reside in predominantly African American communities?
  42. Maroon culture symbolized the struggle for freedom and independence in
  43. What was ironic about Maroon history in Jamiaca/
    to keep freedom, they had to return fugitive slaves for bounty.
  44. The turbulent past of what country caused many to turn their backs and accept the colonial version of history?
  45. New economics in Jamaica included:
    accommodations, personal safety, and trips to the zoo (black people)
  46. Fear that jamaica would socialize like cuba prompted socioeconomic actions by
  47. What does Jamaica rely on to make minimum payments from debt
    tourism and limited exports to united kingdom
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