8th grade SS Progressive Era vocabulary

  1. Meat Inspection Act
    law passed by Roosevelt after dirty (unsanitary) practices exposed in the Jungle.Image Upload 1
  2. Pure Food and Drug Act
    a law prohibiting sale of mislabeled and contaminated food and drugsImage Upload 2
  3. Conservation
    protection of natureImage Upload 3
  4. Income Tax
    16th Amendment - Government tax on citizen's income Image Upload 4
  5. Temperance
    Avoidance of alcoholImage Upload 5
  6. Prohibition
    18th Amendment - banned alcohol in the USAImage Upload 6
  7. NAACP
    organization for equality of African Americans (NAACP two AA's for African Americans)Image Upload 7
  8. Suffrage
    The right to vote.  Suffering if can't vote. Image Upload 8
  9. National American Woman Suffrage Association
    promoted Women's suffrage (right to vote) founded by Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady StantonImage Upload 9
  10. 17th Amendment
    allowed citizens to vote for Senators Image Upload 10
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8th grade SS Progressive Era vocabulary
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