Exam 3 Part 9 Adolescence

  1. Adolescence (11/12)
    Hormonal changes in puberty
  2. Emerging Adulthood (18-25)
    Adult privileges
  3. Freud- Adolescence
    • Genital
    • If no fixation in previous stages
    • Gravitate toward a spouse and get married and have children
  4. Anna Freud
    People were still fixable after teens
  5. G Stanley Hall
    • Brought clinical psychology to the US
    • Storm and Stress
    • ---A lot of turmoil and surprising people get out of this
  6. Margaret Mead
    • anthropologist
    • Rites of Passage
    • ---We have turmoil here bc we don’t have rite of passage any more
  7. Physical Changes-Girl Adolescences
    • 9/10 hormonal changes- complete 11-16
    • Late matures do best bc made fun of breasts
    • Still fit the cultural want of be skinny
  8. Problem with Early blooms girls
    • try to cover up and ostracized
    • Sometimes get relationship with guy now
    • Can’t handle it
  9. Physical changes- Boy Adolescence
    • Boy puberty around 12-14- complete 14-17
    • Early matures always do better
    • ---Bigger, stronger, look like men, athletic advantage, stronger
    • ---But have a hard time maturing (late matures equal to you now)
    • Some late bloomers good bc develop other skills that they may not have gotten bc need to stand out
    • Switch in change of growth
    • ---Hands and feet growth first then arms and legs
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