Exam 3 Part 7 Mid Ch Freud Erikson Peer Acceptance

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  1. Freud Middle Childhood
    • Latency
    • The sex drive hibernates
    • Play with kids the same gender
    • Learn social interactions in non intimating way
  2. Erikson Middle Childhood
    • Industry vs Inferiority
    • Positive but realistic self-concept so that a sense of industry should result in pride
    • Affected by parents expectations and the child’s sense of self
    • Inferiority occurs if everyone receives award or parents push something kid not good at
    • Inferiority increases depression, inadequacy, bad relationships
    • Start of self esteem
    • Beginning of social judgment
    • Choose their own friends
  3. Mid C, choose friends who are
    • kind
    • intrigued by who are opposite
  4. Girls friendship mid c
    • more selective
    • Don’t share friends
    • Become jealous
    • Develop further socially but not cognitively
  5. when ideal self does not meet real self
    depression, anxiety
  6. Self esteem
    • Academic
    • Social
    • Physical/ Athletic
    • Physical Appearance
  7. Peer Acceptance
    Focused on likability (sociometrics)
  8. Peer acceptance 5 categories
    • Popular
    • Neglected
    • Rejected
    • Controversial
  9. Popular
    • lots of likes, no dislikes
    • nice to everyone
    • Competent academically, in appearance
    • Have best outcomes
    • ---Have authoritative parents
  10. Neglected
    • don’t get any votes
    • Usually have at least one or two friends
  11. Rejected
    • no pos, many neg
    • Have the worst outcomes
    • most likely to drop out
  12. Controversial (get mixed votes)
    • You either love or hate them
    • The “popular kids”, Bullies, class clowns
  13. Kids who change the environment they can change the kids
    • Popular could change if wanted to
    • Neglected kids can make change get teacher with different teaching style
    • Controversial – can start over completely
    • Rejected kids don’t change --They are doing it to themselves
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