20. Family meal

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  1. do sg in an exaggerated way
    • go over the top - rohamra indul
    • go OTT
  2. a lot or to a great degree
    • like mad - őrültként
    • like crazy - mint az őrült
  3. join in and help other people with an activity
    pitch in (with sb/sg) - nekifog, rákapcsol
  4. make sg clean and neat
    • clear (sg) up - tisztáz
    •                        kitakarít
  5. if you clear up..., you tidy things while cooking the meal
    • as you go along - útközben
    •                             menet közben
  6. look very untidy
    look like a bomb has hit it - úgy néz ki, mint egy bomba sújtotta övezet
  7. can't do sg at all, or only be able to do it very badly
    can't do sg to save your life - ?
  8. buy a large quantity of sg in preparation for an activity or event
    • buy sg in - készleteket halmoz fel
    •                  nagyobb tételben beszerez
  9. similar to sg or in a similar way
    • on those / the same lines - hasonlóképpen
    • along those - ezek mentén
  10. succeed in doing sg that is difficult
    pull sg off - leránt/leszakít vmiről
  11. do sg that sb else was doing
    take (sg) over (from sb) - felvált, helyettesít vkit
  12. used to say that you are glad you no longer have to worry about a resposibbility
    • be a weight off your shoulders - nagy kő esett le a szívedről
    • be a weight off your mind
  13. test or use sg to see what it is like or whether it is suitable
    try sg out - kipróbál
  14. show by the expression on your face that you disapprove of sg or are surprised by it
    raise an eyebrow at sg - meglepődve felhúzza a szemöldökét
  15. you have successfully used it in the past
    tried and tested - kiállta a próbát
  16. too anxious to be able to relax
    stressed out - túlpörgött, feszült
  17. fill or use an amount of space or time
    take up space/time - helyet, időt vesz igénybe
  18. there is very little space to move around in
    there's no room to swing a cat - nincs hely a macskalóbálásra
  19. serve food onto plates for a meal
    • dish (sg) up - feltálal
    •                       felszolgál
  20. very important
    isn't important
    • a big deal - nagy ügy
    • it's no big deal - nem nagy ügy
  21. if you behave as if it is very important
    • make a big deal (out) of sg - nagy ügyet csinál belőle
    • make a big thing (out) of sg
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